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Hi I'm Andy

I am originaly from Idaho, I love potatoes, golf, and being a Mormon!

About Me

I am married, have two wonderful little children ages 6 and 3, and am a dentist and love what I do! We just purchased our first home and are just getting settled in. When time, weather, and my wife permit, I love to get out and play golf. My wife is the social butterfly, so when she hasn't invited someone over or we aren't taxing the kids around I really just like to spend time with the family and recuperate from the rush of life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints....but I didn't always believe. There was a short time in my late teen years when I had some serious questions and doubts. Looking back it was a scary time. It was daunting to abandon all that I'd been taught, but I was determined to discover the truth and follow it regardless of where it lead. It's important for each individual to have their own conversion to the truth, to experience that moment of change and clarity, when they can say "I know" this or that is true, and then stick to it. My conversion happened, it wasn't easy or quick, but to answer the question of 'Why I'm a Mormon', my simple answer is, I know it's true!

How I live my faith

I enjoy working with the younger Boy Scouts in our Ward. If you want a head ache some time, just spend an hour with 8-10 eleven year olds in a closed room, they all want to speak at the same time, and they all want to be heard over the other. In the past I've worked on different committees and in various church axillaries such as the Priesthood or Sunday School. I've also served as a Missionary in the great state of Virginia. I live my Faith I hope every day, sometimes better than others, but always trying to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Are Mormons Christians?

A while back I was in a car with a couple of friends, one a Catholic and the other a Born again Christian. The conversation turned to religion and the two of them ganged up on me...I held my own until one of them caught me off guard by saying with matter of factness, "You don't believe in Christ!" This was the first time i'd encountered this particular question, except it wasn't a question, it was a blunt, uneducated, and misguided statement. It's one thing if you say to someone, "How can you believe this", but to be told what I believed in, especially something as fundamental as my belief in Christ really threw me for a loop. The only response I could come up with was...."Well, you don't believe in oxygen" and left it at that. I've thought a lot about that conversation, and since then it bothers me a little to be called a Mormon, not that I am offended to be one or ashamed of the name, it just doesn't describe well who I am. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Mormons is a nickname given to the early members of the church because of the Book of Mormon, and it just stuck. It has little descriptive value of the church or our beliefs, and can be a little misguiding. So, are Mormons Christians???? Absolutely, if you would like to verify that just go to a Sacrament meeting, visit with a local missionary, or better yet visit an active Mormons home and find out for yourself. Show more Show less