Cherie G.: Mormon.

Hi I'm Cherie G.

About Me

I love music and have enjoyed many aspects of it as a participant and a spectator of sorts. I love crafts of many various types and have participated in both doing and teaching many kinds. I recently earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and am now currently earning a Master of Arts degree in Forensic Psychology. Currently, I am a Life Coach and help people both on the phone and via the internet by referrals from personal friends and acquaintances as well as family friends etc. I have many talents and gifts that I use for a great many things, but the one I use the most and often it is just 'on' is my gift of empathy. It allows me to be able to sense emotions in people that are either too difficult to reveal regularly or are ones that in the varying extremes; even at great distances. I am an admirer of intelligent people, compassionate people; something I say a lot lately is that I do not get along with arrogant. I respond to tender, loving and kindness. Anything that promotes love, kindness, tenderness and compassion is what I am all about. Education is also another near and dear topic to my heart. I'm an emotional being, things affect me much deeper than most and it is apparent most of the time.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of this church first, because I was reared in it's teachings from the time I was small. I was baptized at the age of eight and have progressed from there; on a path of constant study and learning of His teachings. I continue in this faith because I listen and watch and observe those around me in other religions, even other Christian denominations and see the differences. Ones of understanding and wisdom and behavior. I often think to myself in times of difficulty some of the same things most do, the difference is; I know more details and nuances of life in general that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints teaches that you will not find any where else on this earth. In that I find comfort. I am sealed to my family for eternity; which means when I leave this sphere of existence, I won't be alone. I will indeed see my family again after this life. If not, and if I was not in this church and did not know this for sure; I would be fairly depressed quite often. Knowing that this IS indeed something after this brings joy where there would be none.

How I live my faith

How I live my faith is in how I treat people around me. How I attempt to exercise my integrity whenever possible. I try whenever possible to show those around me what it is to be a member of this church. All of the benefits it provides; blessings, etc. I've taught Relief Society, an organization for the Women of the church 18 years of age and older. I've worked with both the Young women of the church (12-18 years old) as well as the Young Men in the same age group as a Secretary for the Young Women Auxiliary group in the church for my ward. I've worked as a ward librarian, who helps all of the teachers in the ward with materials and supplies to teach with for the members of the congregation. I've had a couple of callings now that have involved directing the music pursuits in my congregation, such as choir president, ward chorister and Relief Society Chorister. I've also taught the Primary aged children ages 4 and 5 years old. I've helped on many events in planning and executing for the enjoyment as well as the learning experiences of many of the members of my congregation.