Sariah: Mormon.

Hi I'm Sariah

About Me

I am a high school student involved with choir, colorguard and FBLA. Marching band takes up a lot of my time, but I love it! I am an only child with two dogs, and I'm very much into music- I love it so much and it is my biggest passion. I also love video games, movies, Sushi and asian food,craft projects and reading and trying new things. I love to talk, so dont shy away from asking questions(:

Why I am a Mormon

I've grown up in the church but definitely made my own choice to be baptized when I was eight. I always feel loved and feel the spriit strong when I'm at church. I love the variety of teachers I have through church--from primary to seminary, each leader shares so many wonderful experiences that help me grow in my faith. I appreciate the church's standards, particularly for youth. Even though our standards our different from the mainstream world, it's important that we have them and follow them--they help keep us on the right path. Family values are rooted in our churchs teachings. I love my church and family.

Personal Stories

Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

My religion is such an immense part of my life, it's absolute common knowledge for any of my friends. Questions about the church come up in daily conversation, and I do not shy away from answering them. I am so confident in my faith that I am happy to share these things with others. I have friends other different faith and denominations and so we often talk and find we have similar beliefs. The respect I have from my friends allows me to share the gospel, as well as my personal testimony.

How I live my faith

5:45 a.m. most high schoolers are in bed--I am at church, and love it. Each morning I join other high school students for seminary. A day without seminary just feels off, incomplete. Sundays are devoted to church--we spend a speedy 3 hours there each week, which is great way to prepare ourselves for the coming week. I am fortunate to also have had leadership roles in the young women presidency--spanning from secretary, first counselor and a president. As a young woman in the church, I am striving to complete my Personal Progress program. Anybody up for dancing? Because we youth love to dance ... and sing. My church family is like the original social network. I often go to school competitions and find friends of the church. It's wonderful. I am already practicing my missionary skills. Just about everyone I meet gets invited to some fun church activity.