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Hi I'm Mark Baer

I grew up in Oregon but left for the sun of Arizona. I work in Marketing for Public Health, I'm a Foster Parent and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the youngest of three children. I was raised in Oregon and spent many summers camping and enjoying the great outdoors. I served a mission in and around Duesseldorf Germany and loved the culture and experience of being Germany, as well as sharing the gospel with my German brothers and sisters. In 2003 I met and married and beautiful wife, Shelley. In a life full of ups and downs she has been the one shining light in my life that has never dimmed. We were sealed for time and all eternity and I know we'll be together forever, and that gives me a great deal of peace even during difficult times. We are Foster Parents and hoping to adopt and add children to our forever home. I studied Political Science in both Idaho and Oregon and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Since then I've held a number of jobs from legislative assistant to Communications Director both in and out of government. Currently I work as a Marketing and Communications Specialist for the County and State Public Health Departments. I create marketing materials for smoking cessation and prevention, and chronic disease prevention programs. I love what I do, and I love that I'm able to serve the public.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a church, so it has always been a part of my life. But that being said, I have also felt the spirit of conversion in my home. My granda was raised in the church but stopped attending at a young age. So my mother knew about the church but not well. She was baptized at age 8 at the encouragement of her grandparents, but rarely attended church. She met and married my Dad, who wasn't a member. After having my two sisters my mom started to want her daughters to be raised knowing Christian values. She chose a little church on the corner of their street, a church from some other denomination. That same night she made that decision, two women knocked on her door. They said that they were from the local LDS ward and had just been assigned as my mom's visiting teachers. (Members of our congregation who are assigned to check-in and support other members) When they saw my mom's name and didn't know who she was they just popped by. They talked to mom and taught of the principles that my mom wanted my sisters to learn. They offered to drive my mom and sisters to church every Sunday becuase my mom didn't drive. At church my mom felt the Spirit of the Holy Ghost and was re-energized. My sisters were baptized, my Dad followed a year or so later. By the time I came around my family were active church members. That's a long story to say why I'm a member of this church. But it is because of the support and teachings it gave to my family then, and what it gives to my family now. Just as Paul went out to the various members of the church in the New Testament, We go out and support others every day. Everything in this church is centered on Christ and his ministry. I've been blessed in so many ways by my membership. But none so much as the assurety that I know that Christ lives, I know that my family can be together forever, and I know this church supports our growth and helps us to be both happy in this life and achieve happiness in the life to come.

How I live my faith

I try to live my life as the Savior would have me. In my dealings with my family, the way I intereact with my wife and our kids. I know family is the most important unit in my Heavenly Father's plan. I love my wife and family and do my best to serve them and be the example that I know I should be. I serve as Home teacher, visiting three families once a month to make sure they feel supported and loved. Over time of this assignment we've become friends, and i enjoy seeing them on Sundays and other times. I hope they know they can count on me, whether it's assisting with a child in the hospital or borrowing a weedwhacker, I try to be there for them in any way I can. I've held many different "callings" or assignments in my local ward or congregation. Recently I oversaw the teaching of the New Testament for all our members. I helped our teachers feel comfortable with the New Testament and supported them in their teaching. I got to watch as member enjoyed learning of Christ's ministry and helped share my testimony with them of the divinity of his mission and purpose. I now support our Bishopric (clergy) in an administrative role. I help keep his schedule so he can be effective in both assisting members and those from outside our faith who come for him. He has a busy job of supporting all the members of our congregation, and I do all I can to support him so he can do those things as Bishop, but also continue his important roles as husband and father.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Mark Baer
No, male members are encouraged to go, and make that sacrifice for the Lord. And the blessings they reap because of it are insurmountable, but ulimately the choice rests with the young man or woman. I think the reason that the church encourages us to serve a mission, especially for the young men, is because of the ultimate goal for us here on this earth. We are trying to live a life and become, as much as possible, like our Heavenly Father. A mission does so many things to prepare a young man for this life and one to come. Things like sacrifice, dedication, relying on the Lord, turning to prayer, being selfless, and putting the needs of others first. All these skills have helped me in my life as a husband, a father, and even in my profession. And I learned all of them because I made the sacrifice to serve the Lord for two years. Show more Show less