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Hi I'm Alex Clark

I'm a college student, I'm a show choir singer, I have a contagious personality and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm just beginning to get into a second year of courses at a local university. I love people and people love me. I have a loveable personality and a smile and laugh thats infectious (really). I have a very diverse family. If you want to know specifics, you'll be lost before the end of the minute. I don't consider myself an influential person but you'd start a whole conversation on that. My family members are the most important people to me. At the end of the day,you may have seen a thousand conversations but no matter what, you never go to bed without knowing someone cares about you. I am a social butterfly and whether I tell them or show by listening to their concerns, each person knows I care. On facebook (IN LIFE), I am known for my thought provoking comments (I don't always think so). If I go to the end of the day knowing I have served someone through what I do or by making someone smile or laugh, I have done my job. I aspire to go into the hotel service industry where many people have a reason not to be joyous about how life is and especially when its late at night and everyone is asleep except you.

Why I am a Mormon

I have thought often about why I am a Mormon through the years as I have had experiences and challenges through life. Being a Mormon has not only given me purpose , it's shown me that there are certainties beyond death. I don't worry about the future and I can have confidence that I can know personally what Jesus Christ would have me work to attain. I feel a peace in my life as a Mormon that is not had by other Christians. Mormonism gives me the ability to see myself through the eyes of a loving Father in Heaven that loves me and works to improve me through people that care similarly. I gain a love for God and Jesus in the Bible and Book of Mormon that seems missing in society. As a Mormon, I also find a set of standards that never changes from what I know to be true. I know that no matter what changes in society, the standards keep me from falling prey to the moral "trojan horse" so commonly found in our culture. I desire to follow the standards, they aren't confining in any manner. I find that having a church that changes only when needed is more respected and by keeping the standards that have been set, I don't seek false acceptance. I continue to be a Mormon because my life is happier and more complete. I don't worry about gaining the things that lead to false happiness. If anything makes being a Mormon worth it, it's knowing that I get out more than I can ever put in. I still find I have a lot to learn but life is worth so much more when there is purpose behind living.

How I live my faith

I am an active participant in Institute of Religion classes held across the river from college. Even when it's difficult or even tiring to go to any more lectures, the spirit provided during the week by a teacher that is enlightened by the gospel provides some "umph" to the midweek blues. I also am a volunteer at the local storehouse where food is distributed to those in need. Service to others is a motto in my life and I do so by also being a friend, listening ear, and a shoulder to lean on when needed. I live the gospel by being the best that I can be and always remembering that my example may be the best thing someone sees all day so make it the best you anyone sees.

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Alex Clark
While we often quote, read, and testify out of the Book of Mormon, we do certainly believe in the Bible to be the word of God. The Bible is the first and truly original witness of Jesus Christ. We have the Book of Mormon as a companion to the Bible to confirm that God does all that he promises. There are lessons that we can only learn by applying biblical study to our daily lives. The Bible is true and as we learn what the Bible holds, we learn how to love the Bible as a part of our life. I love the Bible and while I know the Bible is hard to comprehend in places, I love to study the Bible deeply. My hope is to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of this volume of scripture and grow to love studying this book everyday of my life. Show more Show less

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

Alex Clark
Testimonies are the way that members of the church share the things that they have come to know are true. We believe that while each person will come to know truth one thing at a time, the testimony is purely original; never staged and never memorized. The testimonies are always based on what is impressed on the mind of the person. Just as our beliefs change with the experiences we have, we have the chance to know what is true everyday. Anytime you hear one of us share our testimony, know that it is shared with the admonition of paul in mind: "we believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and we hope to be able to endure all things. " A testimony is the way that we know how much the gospel means to us. It is the most cherished possession that each of us has and we share it because we want those around us to know what we cherish. Show more Show less