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Hi I'm Brett

I was born in Germany on a US military base, I have a degree in biology, I am a Paramedic, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have a degree in biology. I love helping people feel better, thats part of why I am in emergency medicine now. I love those who serve our country as I grew up in a home where my mother and father both served in the US Army, this is another reason why I stay in emergency medicine. I also love to play games. I am an avid role-player and have taught my wife and our kids as well as others how to enjoy wholesome roleplaying to strengthen our relationships. I am also an eagle scout and continue to help with the scouting program. I served a 2 year mission in the Richmond Virginia Mission where I was the oldest nonsenior missionary for most of my mission. I love to share stories, especial with the next generations so they can learn from my experiences. I also love to watch moivies and read books and tend to make corny jokes based on movie or book quotes. I also love anything bladed such as knives, spears, scissors etc. I am rarely found without at least a knife or multitool, a bit of that old scout motto of be prepared.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church. My parents both joined the church while stationed in Germany. I grew up loving the scriptures and especially the temple, however when I was about 18, I chose to walk away from the church for a time. I had seen friends and family treated poorly (or so I thought) by some members. I had even asked some questions of my leaders who instead of answering or saying they didn't know the answer would instead say things like "if you are asking that question you don't have a testimony"" or ""that is not important to your eternal salvation". These answers mixed with the slights I percieved lead me to feel that perhaps I needed something different. I knew that God existed, I knew the Book of Mormon was true, but I didn't understand how I might fit into the plan of happiness. For a time I looked to other religions, I have visited with other christians but they seemed to have less of what I needed than the Church. I looked to nonchristian religions. Everywhere I looked I found bits of truth, sometimes pieces that were important to me were lived better by those in other religions. I even tried to live apart from all religions, trying many different things some of which were against the things I had been taught. I found none of them helped me to be happy. Eventually the Lord took pity on me, I began running into the missionaries around town, I had hometeachers show up when noone knew my address, not even my family. One night I was so depressed I prayed asking for help from anyone who was listening. I gained a testimony that night that God and Jesus love each of us. I tried to argue why I was not in the Church and felt their understanding, its impossible to argue with that. I asked what I should do and was told to rejoin myself to the Church. I was told church is not just for learning but for teaching others good also. I have never doubted nor left the Church since that night. I know Jesus lives and that this is his Church, led by prophets, today.

How I live my faith

I live by faith everyday. I stand as a witness of Crhist and his Chruch whenever and wherever I am. I never hide from my coworkers or anywone I meet who I serve, that is not to say that I am preachy but rather I pray for oportunities to share and someone always asks me about the gospel or about being a Mormon. I also serve wherever I am asked in the church. Since I reurned from my mission about 10 years ago I have taught the youth between 12 and 18 either in church on Sunday or through scouts. Currently I am a Scoutmaster, a leader/adviser to the young men of my branch, a father, hometeacher, and second councilor in our branch presidency (which watches over the members of our congregation). I also drive the welfare truck for the Church Storehouse about once a month. All of this keeps me quite busy but the service I give is always turned to my good by a loving Savior. I love that we can serve in so many ways and never need to be paid by our fellow man. I have served in many other callings in the past including teaching young kids, being president of a church choir, teaching adult classes and in every one I find the Lord makes me better than I am for the benefit of those I serve. I don't choose any of these callings, noone can, rather the Lord chooses me to serve where I can help others grow and where I inevitably always grow as well. A wise man once said "No good thing was ever done by one man alone' I know this is true and knowing that helps me to serve and be served by others so that all are benefited. This is how I live my faith, and when times are tough, I pray and rely on my Savior's love and the guidance the Holy Spirit brings. When I listen with faith, I am never let down.