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Hi I'm Alicia

I am a married mom of 2. 7 years ago I joined the church, go to theTemple, deal with partial membership each day and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been with my husband 22 years, we have 2 girls. After many years of searching for the "right" church I found my place and completed what I had been missing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I joined 7 years ago, my husband did not. It comes with challenges. I go to the Temple regularly and hold my Temple recommend very dear. I pray each day for the opportunity to share my testimony with my husband and others. I enjoy serving others, baking, sewing and photography. My greatest joy is in my family and church, I hold in my heart the hope to be sealed to my husband for all eternity. My biggest hobby at the moment is photography and any sport my daugher is playing. I work hard at balancing my family, my callings and church. It is a struggle at times and comes with hope and discourage. Like any other partial member family we deal with many obsticles and remain committed to each other and our family.

Why I am a Mormon

I have always had a passion to have my Savior, Jesus Christ close to my heart and a part of my life. I was raised going to church and SUnday school. I know the commandments. I try to be kind and treat others better than how I found them. I have compassion for others and life. When I was in my early 20s I started to shop for the "right" church for our family...I dragged them to every church around. I had a few friends who were LDS and never gave it much thought until a Christmas Devotional and an invitation to listen to a friend sing. IT was that moment of walking into the church that I KNEW. I did not even make it to the chapel. I was just in the lobby but my heart filled and I just felt that the circle had been completed, what I had searched for was now found. I enjoyed the devotional and returned for Sacrament and made the commitment to take the lessons. I was baptised 6 weeks later and I have never looked back. My greatest joy has been the blessing of learning more of my Savior and knowing what I am doing what my Heavenly Father wants of me. Life is not without challenges, we have health challenges that plague us constantly in our home but with the power of prayer and my Savior I can overcome adversity. Each day I wake with the hope of serving someone, following the commandments and doing what is right. I hope to always be a good example and share my passion for the church with others. I have been blessed with people who have fellowshipped us along the way and continue to inspire us. I know that my choices are always freely made and joining this church was one of my best. DO not hesitate to search in your heart for the love of your Savior and along the way you will find the answers to prayers if you seek. This is church that will allow you the knowledge of truth and you will know for yourself when you are ready to find it. Listen for the small still voice and let it lead you to be eternally grateful for the way.

How I live my faith

I have made the choice to follow the commandments each day, along with them I also follow the Words of Wisdom. I do not smoke, use alcohol, do drugs coffee or tea. I try to be the example to others that I would hope would make my family proud and choose to do the same. I pray daily for wisom and knowledge and ways to be a better person who has challenges to overcome. I am not perfect and make plenty of mistakes. I serve when called and do my best. I have been looking for ways to ask my husband to help and fellowship without "preaching" to him as he is not a member. I try to have patience in my work and with others. I want to treat others with love and respect. I hope to be a leader in my field as I am in medical. I want others to be honest and have higher standards and morals for whom they serve and work with. I bring meals to those in need, donate a ton to the less fortunate and do what I can. I feel the blessing of helping others and the reward is overwhelming. I love to serve in and out of the church and volunteer at school functions, sporting events and fundraisors. It is an opportunity to do something for others.

Who are the Mormons?

I am a Morman, and everyday working married mom. I am not perfect. I make mistakes and continue to try to improve myself and be an example. I am Morman. I look the same as most. I believe in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Mormons are the followers of Christ. We choose to believe in the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible. It is another testament of Christ. We must study our scriptures in order to get a better understanding and belief, nothing more nothing less. We make sacrifices just like others. We do try to set standards and expectations of ourselves and families high, we strive to be honest and trustworthy. We pay our tithes. We have a living Prophet and listen to his counsel. We are blessed for our efforts. To me being a Mormon is a huge blessing and hope others will feel in their heart a desire to excercise that option to them and take the chance at something so much bigger. Really, what do you have to loose? You have ALL that much more to gain...why wait! Show more Show less