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Hi I'm Tammy

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in Layton Utah. Currently I'm CNA for an assisted living center. I love my job especially my bosses :).

About Me

I'm the youngest of six children. My first year of life didn't go so well because I was a failure thrive baby. I love my family they are the best. I would never get another family if I could choose. I was taught at home my whole life but didn't like it at all. I missed out on a lot of stuff because of being home schooled. I didn't receive a proper education and yearned to be in school learning things. I lived in Salt Lake City Utah till I was 11 years of age and then we moved to Layton Utah. I didn't like the neighborhood we lived in due to the fact there were about 5 different gang groups on our block. I saw a lot of fights, drug dealing, drunken parties, and heard drive by shootings. I remember my Mother intervening many of gang fights by getting right in the middle of the fight and preaching to them. I agree she was very crazy for doing this but they never hurt her. Ever since I was 12 years old I danced. I can ballroom dance, square dance, and line dance. I took singing lessons, sang in choirs, did many solos, and sang the national anthem several times for Salt Lake Community College basketball team. I'm a married to a great guy. We married in the Manti temple June 2, 2011. We live in a new house and a very good neighborhood. I don't like the Home Owners Association but I guess it's okay because they do keep our neighborhood in good condition. Overall I'm normal. I go to work, church, and vacation once a year. I have no kids. I have a dog named Gus and a bunny.

Why I am a Mormon

When growing up my family was very inactive.By the time I was 13 years old I decided I wanted to become active. My family on the other hand didn't care. So in order to get to church every day I would walk a total of 2 miles, rain or snow, to church and back. I later received my patriarchal blessing and a baptismal recommend. I learned on my own that by living the teachings of Christ I was happier and more productive in everyday life. I learned that the rules of the church were not controlling rules that are meant to restrict my life but rather protect me from harm. I believe in Christ, and I need the healing power of His Atonement. I believe that by living the teachings of the church I will be happier and be able to return to my loving Father who is in heaven.

How I live my faith

I live my faith the best I can everyday by living my life the way the Savior did by being kind, patient, and caring. Ever since I was a child I always had a hard time being kind. I was always painted as the brat that had a mean mouth. Later in life I realized that just because you are stereotyped does not mean you have to believe it. I started learning how to be kind by asking God to help me. He gave me experiences that would test my kindness in moments it was terribly hard to show. My mother helped me learn patience. She is the type of person that is almost always late to anything, has a short fuse, and never stops talking. Some would ask "how on earth do you have patience with her" I never knew the answer but now I do. I would pray for patience just like I did with kindness and the Lord would send me tests. Being a woman its not hard to learn to be caring but sometimes it is really hard. I think the Lord sent me many things to care about and one of them was animals. For some reason I'm a animal magnet. Wounded animals always seem to find me. When I was 9 I found a wounded pigeon under an overpass. Then when I was 12 I found another pigeon in my back yard. At 14 I found a wounded sparrow. then at 23 I found a rabbit. The second pigeon died and so did the sparrow. I really loved them. I buried them in my mom's yard. It doesn't take a whole lot to start caring about something all it takes is to bond then the waves of a caring heart start piercing the soul. Overall, I'm still working on being kind, patient, and caring. I believe as I live on earth I will never be perfect at these things. How I live my faith is by doing and not just merely listening.