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Hi I'm Ms. Naufahu

I'm Tongan from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. I'm currently serving in T.H.E. (BEST) Mission, just LOVING it! And, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in San Mateo, CA, and loved it! Although my family currently resides in San Leandro, CA, I do have plans to move back to San Mateo. Althouh I was born into the church, life took its course and unfortunately, not only tore my family apart, but took us away from the gospel. Family members made efforts to keep my sister and I on track, but we eventually fell away. Even with the odds against my family and me, we managed to make it through those difficult times: my sister and I graduated from college and have continued on for higher education, my younger siblings, along with my cousins at home, are all excelling at home, school and in the gospel. I'm SO VERY GRATEFUL to my parents for being members of this one TRUE church of Jesus Christ! I know without a doubt that if I hadn't been exposed to this gospel as a young child, I wouldn't have had half as much success growing up; let alone, being able to find my way back, and that my family, too, little by little, have found their way back. I have everything to thank GOD for, EVERYTHING! And, now, I'm doing something I never thought I'd EVER do: SERVING A MISSION in the Texas Houston East Mission, speaking Spanish! Me, of all people...NEVER would've thought! But, who the Lord calls, He qualifies! As imperfect and inadequate as I am, I know that I have a purpose here and now, and FOREVER! This is the BEST experience I've had yet, and one that I know will bless my life, and that of my family now and for all ETERNITY!

Why I am a Mormon

I know that it was all part of Heavenly Father's plan that I realize, even much later in life, that I must be a part of His church. He had blessed me with wonderful parents; especially, with younger sisters and a brother to motivate and inspire me to make the changes necessary to come back to the gospel. Having been away for some time, and wanting only the best for my younger sisters and brother, I knew the only way they could have the best was to have the gospel in their life growing up. I refused to have my younger sisters and brother go through all the unnecessary things that I had to go through because I didn't have the gospel. At first, I was just taking them just to take them, but I started to change, to have a greater desire to choose to do what was right, and although not perfect, I just kept going to church, having my younger brother and sister active in the church. After some time, I started thinking about a mission, becoming a missionary. This was a CRAZY idea, indeed, but I thought, "Why not?" I wasn't as serious as I probably should've been, but I did it not knowing what would come about it. I know now, I KNOW, without a fiber of doubt that this is the TRUE CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST!!! I'm not just believing it because I'm a missionary, I just KNOW because I've been living the gospel principles, applying the teachings of Jesus Christ to my life, and had asked our Heavenly Father if this really is TRUE, and received a response from Him. God doesn't lie! I see His hand in everything, even all those difficult times in my life. I see the miracles He's wrought while I'm here serving His children in Houston, TX. I SEE HIS BLESSINGS!!! I have chosen to be a member of His TRUE CHURCH because it's the only right thing to do! To choose endless torment, or everlasting life? I choose the latter, and that's what my Father in Heaven wants, too. You, also, can choose to be a member of His TRUE CHURCH. Come and see for yourself! Do not procrastinate!

How I live my faith

I am living my faith now by striving to be the best disciple of Jesus Christ that I can be, preaching His gospel, helping my brothers and sisters to come to a knowledge of His restored gospel that they may receive the saving ordinances necessary in order to have true happiness now and everlasting life. I've left the old me to die back in CA that Heavenly Father, through my Savior Jesus Christ, can make of me the BEST He knows that I can be. I've left everything back in CA, along with everyone that I hold dear to me and that I LOVE SO MUCH, leaving them all to the great care of my Heavenly Father. Everything I have, everyone I have in my life, is because of Him, they all belong to Him! They were never mine to begin with, but I've been blessed with everything and everyone that I have, and in order to show my love and gratitude to my Heavenly Father, I'm putting my faith into action and leaving it all to Him. The person that I am today is because of Him and as I continue to live His gospel, I will become who He wants me to be. I know this time is needed to make of me a true disciple of Jesus Christ that I can better help my family, everyone back home, my future family, my community, the world! It's not easy, but I know that it's worth it! I can't just say that I believe in something. I have to show my Heavenly Father that I mean what I say. I'll never have to worry about anything at anytime! I know He's taking care of my family, those I'm serving, His children, and HE IS with me! I'll continue to endure, and I know with Him...YES, I CAN!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! I LOVE JESUS CHRIST!!! Pa oku 'ou OFA LAHI ATU!!!

What is being a Mormon like?

Ms. Naufahu
Being a Mormon is the BEST thing ever! I LOVE IT! I'm SO PROUD to say that YES, I AM A MORMON! It's always knowing who you are and who you're becoming. It's living HAPPILY and never having to worry about anything because you know who you're Heavenly Father is, what He's done for you, what He's doing for you and what He can do! It's being the BEST YOU EVER! Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

Ms. Naufahu
The family is the most important unit of society, and in the church. Families really can be together forever! I KNOW IT! Through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, one can come to know of this truth and how it happens. I know that TRUE HAPPINESS in families only come through the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less