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Hi I'm Andrew Sanford

I love being with people, I love music, hablo español, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

As you can probably tell, my name is Andrew! Hello! I'm currently getting a Master's of Information Systems Management at Brigham Young University, which is a bit unexpected. In fact, I only started programming a year or so ago, and that almost by accident. And I've really liked it (obviously haha)! I've also fallen in love with hiking the last few years, which has been a *wonderful* surprise! Once I started running, I started liking being outside a lot. And both of those have become sources of joy and comfort and peace and fun in my life. Other things I enjoy include but not limited to: *Cooking *Reading *Learning new stuff *Laughing *Parks and Rec *Creating/playing music (piano, guitar, vocal) *Programming *Astronomy!! (I should have put this one at the top) *Learning about biology and medicine! *Star Wars! *Being with people And most of all, I love being with my family. Everything else just doesn't quite compare. They're great! :) On a more serious note, growing up I went through a lot of pretty tough challenges. Through those experiences, I've found that there's always hope (and a lot of happiness ahead). And I've gotten to know the Lord better than I ever thought possible. If you're going through a hard time, please don't give up. Reach out to me or someone around me. You can make it :) And the Lord is there for you too :) He will never abandon you. I've had that solidified through first-hand experience. So, don't give up :) There is hope and happiness ahead :)

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in this church. In fact, my family has been members for generations. But for me, I'm not a Mormon just because that's what my parents told me to do or that was the "family tradition." My parents, all of family in fact, have always encouraged me to study the church's beliefs out for myself, pray to God and ask Him if they're true, and try putting the beliefs into practice. That's something I've done throughout my life, even from being a small child. Whenever I've prayed to know if it's true, a good, positive feeling comes over me. My stresses dissipate, and I feel like I step onto a higher plane where I can think clearly. I feel loved. I feel appreciated. And then, when I put the beliefs into practice, I feel a real, solid sense of deep peace and happiness. And that happiness is not just self-contained, but it makes me "anxious to bless the whole human race," as Joseph Smith once said. And really, I would say that I'm a Mormon because it makes me happy! It's not easy. But then again, what is easy in life? The way I see it, we can either push through it and gain more or we can "bum around." What have we got to lose from doing hard things? Just like when we study hard or work hard, we can earn more money, by living the Gospel and its commandments, even when peer-pressure mounts or other things come up, more happiness comes! And that's what I've experienced in my life. And that's why I'm a Mormon! You should try it out too! :) What have you got to lose?

How I live my faith

My faith motivates me to serve others! Whether that be doing scheduled volunteer work, like tutoring elementary students, or doing small acts of service throughout the day. It also gives me hope through the hard times. Regardless of what our beliefs, or even non-beliefs, are, all of us go through hard times. And for me, knowing that there's an Individual who knows exactly what I'm going through - who loves me so much - and because of that knows how to perfectly help and comfort me, gives me hope. Without Jesus Christ my life would be bleak and hopeless. Many people look at others and think "why don't they have any problems?" Well, the truth is - everyone has issues. Some are visible. But most are concealed. Knowing the purpose of life gives perspective to these difficulties and makes them easier. And living the Gospel principles helps bring a solid foundation of peace and hope. Now, that doesn't mean that there are no problems. But doing so brings direction, purpose, feeling a completely clean conscience, and hope for the future. Imagine being able to live a life where you know that, no matter what comes your way, and as long as you live the basic standards of Christ and have desires to become better, everything will work out and be better? Additionally, throughout all of these trials, we're never alone. You are never alone. Simply pray to God, and He will hear. And then wait. And listen. That's what I do everyday. And it works :) See D&C 58: 3-5 & 3 Nephi 10: 4-6