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Hi I'm Beth

I love flowers! I collect old books and old clocks. I'm a hobby farmer, a paper crafter, a mom of three, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love living out in the country with my family. "Farming," even on a very small level, is a demanding life to choose, but we wouldn't have it any other way! It's a setting that gives us lots of opportunities for "wholesome recreational activities," both work and play. I'm good at making lists, cleaning and organizing, peeling potatoes with a paring knife and becoming overwhelmed. :) When I have the time (which is rare) I enjoy sewing, shooting my .357 revolver, making cheese, crochet/knit/cross stitch, doing my own mani/pedis and making greeting cards! I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but my list of dream jobs includes: private pilot, children's book author, nurse/surgeon, designer, chemist, mechanic - to name a few. I would go crazy if I didn't know what time it was. I would rather be home than anywhere else. My favorite color is blue, closely followed by red and green, because Christmas should be all year long. I love the smell of hay, horses and homemade bread. I am a crier, and I typically feel before I think. As a family, we love ping pong, Mexican food, laughing, cooking shows, animals, Saturdays with nothing planned and music! We are a happy, Midwestern family, trying to do our part to build the kingdom of God, and to keep the faith!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because a prophet of God leads the church. I believe that the Lord will reveal to His prophet the things that will help me along the way, just as He did in Bible times, because He wants me to be successful, and because He loves me. Through a living prophet on the earth today I can avoid pitfalls that I might not have recognized as such, and be strengthened by obeying advice and commandments given through them from my Father in Heaven and my Savior. I'm a Mormon because I believe that Christ organized a church in our day that is set up as it was when He was on the earth, with prophets, apostles and missionaries. For some time I struggled wondering if I were truly converted. Having grown up a member of the church in a very active family, I was troubled that I could identify no time from my past when a life-altering conversion experience had committed me to forever live the gospel. I was comforted one day to read in the Doctrine and Covenants section 46:13-14, that to some it is given to KNOW and to others it is given to BELIEVE on their words. I'm a Mormon because I believe with great surety the testimony of others - testimonies born by current members and leaders of the church, and those born in the Bible and Book of Mormon. I am a Mormon because the family really is the most important unit of society, and the church places great value on preserving and strengthening this fundamental unit. Where else could I find the support to properly instruct, guide and release my children into such a world as this, than in a religion that places its greatest focus on helping me do so? I'm a Mormon because the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings a peace to my life that I don't see in the lives in my neighbors and friends. It's a difficult world that we live in and the challenges I face would be overwhelming if I didn't have the hope and the added strength that living the principles of the gospel can give me.

How I live my faith

The people in our community are religious for the most part, and that makes it so easy to talk about Jesus Christ. I find that even simple conversations with cashiers and others waiting in line, often turn into one or both of us expressing gratitude for the miracles and blessings in our lives. Being open about these kinds of things used to be a great challenge for me, but I have discovered that there are many people around me who love their Savior just like I do, though we may find different ways to worship. Sharing these small moments with people has strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ, and has opened up the door for me to extend invitations. In our little branch of the church, it feels as though we all have served in nearly every capacity! It's fun to be able to "change hats" if you will, with the other women in my branch as we take turns serving in different capacities, while working together for the same goal - to strengthen our members and our community. I remember when I was called to be the leader of the women's organization in our branch. I was deeply humbled and overwhelmed to realize that my responsibility was not only to the women of our little branch, but also to every woman in my community. I felt that I needed to make everything I did, from grocery shopping to playing at the park, resemble the behavior of a disciple of Christ. As I made this effort, I noticed that women, even complete strangers, would approach me to ask for help or for advice. I began to be filled with such great love for every woman that I met, in any station, and I wanted them all to know, through me, how much Jesus Christ loved them. I now know that our behavior, as we become more Christ-like, has the power to show people that. As a Christian and a disciple of Jesus Christ, I want very much to live as though He were here, and to be a true representative of Him in His absence. I hope that my pattern of discipleship will be recognized when He returns.