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Hi I'm Robyn

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am married to a wonderful man, but unfortunately have not yet been blessed with children. In the meantime, I am focusing on getting an education. I just graduated in July with my Master's in Psychology and started a doctoral in Industrial/Organization Psychology this month. I also love movies and reading. In a way, I'm a total nerd because I Iove to learn, study, and research. More than anything, I love spending time with my husband, my two large dogs, relaxing, and hanging out.

Why I am a Mormon

I was lucky to have parents that had faith enough to convert to the church. Without my parents paving the way, I think my struggle to come to and know the truth would have been much more difficult. I am forever thankful to my parents for their willingness to learn, believe, and act upon the truth. I was raised in the church. Being inquisitive, I am not the type of personality to just accept what people tell me to believe. For years, I've struggled in my testimony and had doubts. However, I have had too many personal experiences where Heavenly Father has called me back to his church, help me to feel his spirit, and answered questions in his own way and in his own time. I have recently been studying the Bible and the Book of Mormon and I feel the truth more than ever. Every time I read the Book of Mormon, I feel the presence of God so strongly. I pray that my questions will be answered and as long as I keep studying, I eventually find the answers to my questions and so much more. This church, or rather this faith and truth, has made me a stronger, better, and more fulfilled person than any lie of the world can promise. I am thankful, so thankful, that Heavenly Father will always welcome me back to his fold, no matter how much I question or struggle, and will open his truths to me if I seek them and ask in humbleness and faith.

How I live my faith

I have not always been strong in my faith. But, I always had a feeling that the way of this faith is truth and good, even if I didn't understand it. Now, as I am growing in understanding, I try to think of Heavenly Father in everything I do. I try to remember charity when I get frustrated at work and to try and not judge others. I try to give the benefit of the doubt at all times. I have been able to, with Jesus Christ's example, let go of hurt and pain in family relationships and begin to bridge relationships I never thought would be repaired. Through genealogy, I've met cousins and relatives I didn't know I had. This faith has blessed me so much and as I grow in faith, I know that Heavenly Father will use me to bless others, which will bless me in return.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

For me, living the Mormon lifestyle is living your life as a 'work in progress.' We think of the way Christ lived his life, the sacrifices he made for us, and we try to live our lives as close to his as possible. Every day is a work a progress since obviously, we are not perfect. But, we learn from the scriptures and Christ's example, and we apply that to our lives and each day strive to be closer to him. For me, it is learning to live with an eternal perspective rather than a worldly perspective. This is difficult since we are in the world, but we believe that you can be "in the world, but not of the world (John 17:11, 14-15). We try to live in this way, to have an eye to eternal things rather than worldly things. Show more Show less