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Hi I'm Ezra Ramirez

I grew up in Mexico, I like outdoor activities, I'm a Mormon and enjoy smiling at life....:-)

About Me

my hobbies are jogging , running , biking , hiking, , currently I own my business, and I love being around cars, and meeting new people, I get along with 99.9% of the people, I try to lift others when I can, I served a mission, in chihuahua , mexico 89-91. under president Marco Antonio Flores, I served in multiple calls. mostly teaching gospel doctrine, I got a special interest in church History, and book of Mormon related articles, symposiums , studies, hugh Nibley is one of my favorite authors and scholars, James Talmage, Spencer W Kimball, and many others, I like to share the gospel in a very subtle way, first by example , then by persuasion I like to see people's reaction when they get converted by themselves thru prayer, and reading and receiving the confirmation of the holy spirit.....I like many topics of conversation...and I like to do my own research when things don't get clear to me. but in the long run I'm a down to earth, kind of person.........................I like being myself, specially laughing, besides making friends from all walks of life, what impresses me the most is: to find somebody with the most exceptional human qualities, and respectful of people's background and cultures, and somebody who is always open to new Ideas and opportunities ,

Why I am a Mormon

Because i grew up in it ,and I know is true, for many years, I leaned on my parents testimony , until I was on my youth, then later on my mission was the defining moment, the more I try ,the more the witness of the spirit worked on me, now it is my duty to teach that to my children, the temple, the ordinances of the gospel, the work of the temple , the family history and many other special events like temple dedications, temple sealings and many other things testify of my of the tender mercies of the Lord and the majesty of his great mission on earth.........The difference in us and the rest of the people is the understanding of the mission of the Lord Jesus Christ in the plan of salvation and the true meaning of the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives,I have friends of another faiths but when it comes to this topic they respect me for who I am and for what I stand for, Most of them are just there because of the traditions of their fathers, but most of them don't have a true conviction of what they say they believe in,

How I live my faith

I try to live a good life , contributing to the community and to society , and by making an effort to be a good example, I try to be a good home teacher, I served many years as teacher of gospel doctrine , my best time was seeing the people change their life thru the atonement of Jesus Christ applied in their own lives, now in this hard times it is really important to cling to the gospel and its true principles, . the enemies of the truth are making a strong effort in destroy anything of virtue, and we are not exempt of those attacks .....it is our duty to become better persons everyday as time goes on and trying to reflect the values of our membership, I like to use simple examples and quotes from the scriptures to invite others or to make them feel that is always room for knowledge and the greatest knowledge comes from God,

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

Ezra Ramirez
Our bodies are a Temple and the vehicle which God gave us to do his will on earth, by abstaining ourselves from substances, that are harmful and alter the proper functions of our bodies, we dont use these substances because they impair our ability to expand our true potential in life, by limiting our capacity to perform, and properly develop adequate skills and knowledge that will enhance our quality our life and others........... the proper nutrition we need to provide our bodies is essential for the well being and to be able to grow as individuals and as a society,............ alcohol impairs attention, focus, destroys our liver, and eventually damages tissue and organs , so is tobacco, ....after all these substances are not in any way food to the body or to the mind,,,, i consider that as little poison, that eventually will diminish our ability to create a better tomorrow... .harmful drugs is an horrendous habit, there is not a good end in drug use,, I only have seen Death and despair, ...not easy to quit but worth it, exercise is key to the wellness of our bodies, by doing that ,at least 30 minutes everyday ... our bodies develop a well rounded condition that enhances our quality of life , plus the benefits of not developing high blood pressure, and Diabetes, in this time and era, a lot of people are looking for a self indulgent life style, we can not afford to fall in to those trends..., there is a reason why health care cost are that way , we need to be wiser.. Show more Show less