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Hi I'm Chris Coombs

I love constantantly learning about life and God. I'm a deep thinker, I'm a son, I'm a friend, I'm a student, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Phoenix Ariozona in the year of our lord 1988. My father was an inactive member of the church since before I was born and my mother is not a member of the church but is christian. I have been given much in my life and have never been in need so to say. My family member are strong and independent but have a great love for one another as well. My mother is one of my best rolemodels of how to be successful in work and how to put your children as the top priority in your life. I appriciate all the time and energy she gives for my well being. She currently lives in california and visits as often as possible. I would attribute most of the best decisions I've made in my life to the influence she has been in my life over the years. My father was involved in all of my sports and activities growing up and I love having those memories of learning and growing with him. He currently has my grandfather(who is 95 years old!) living with him and we try to have dinner once a week and also do some sort of activity together wether it be watching football games, throwing around a baseball, or even going to night institute classes together. I am a student at ASU and graduate this december 2011 with a Bachlors in Finance, a Minor in Economics, and an International Buisness Certificate. I attend the ASU institute for 2 classes: Book of Morman and Old Testament. I love sports and my calling in church is the men's sports director for the university 1st ward. !! Softball !! ;-)

Why I am a Mormon

Originally the church starts for me a long time ago becasue my grandfather is patriarch in the chruch. He has always stressed the importance of the church to my family, however, since my parents arent involved in the church it was never to often or strong of an influence. I have many memories of visiting my grandparents house however and the way my grandmother acted and loved has definately had a lasting impression in my mind. Over the years she showed me how to be selfless and accepting. She was supportive and comforting. She shared a lot of the qualities that I hope to find in an eternal companion. As i started high school I became friends with several LDS boys who were on my baseball teams or in classes I took. Most of them knew my grandfather and ended up inviting me to church. So for a while in my youth I was going to church with my friends families and noticed as certain quality about the family unit in the LDS church that was hard to describe at the time. I would now describe it as an eternal bond that is developed over the years and a vested interest everyone in the family has to support and teach each other regarding the following of the doctrine of christ. However the one aspect that was lacking in this time I spent at church was a study of the actual scriptures and the gospel of Jesus Christ. So inevitably without that effort to learn the gospel, I fell away from the chruch. Went to church off/on from 17-21. Then in 2010, upon moving back to Arizona from a brief stay in California with my mom, I felt an overwhelming urge that i could not ignore. I felt an eternal emptyness and needed to learn about Christ. I went to church and read. I rekindled friendships with those same boys I used to go to church with so long ago. I saw the strong families of the church again. Finnaly after I spent the time, I felt the affirmation of truth regarding the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latterday Siants and Ive never been happier.

How I live my faith

I have come to find through my personal effort to get to know Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father that God and Jesus know us on a personal level and has a personal and perfect love for us. As I keep them in mind on a daily basis I feel the spirit of the Lord help and guide me, love and protect me, streghthen and uplift me. We will all have hard times in our life and being a member of the church does not exclude you from rough patches in life. But I know that I can always have my Father in Heaven to be with me. I can have my family here on earth with me as they follow Christ they uplift and support me. That what Jesus Christ did. He uplifted and supported people. He taught and guided people. He was an example of righteousness for people. He humbly took his time to personly minister and heal people. His attonement is his greatest way of personaly healing us. Alowing us to become whole again as clean and reserected beings that can live in happiness for the eternities. I testify that this life is for learning. Learning to love. Learning to serve. Learning to be selfless and humble. Learning to succeed. Learning to grow. Learning to become like Christ. I become like Christ is by centering my life around him. I go to church and participate, gaining from the expiernences I could only get in church every week. I study the scriptures becasue they are the word of God and were giving to us to help us learn who Christ was. By knowing who he was I am more able to become like him. I preform my calling as sports director with the intent of trying to provide a great environment for everyone to have fun and grow. I want everyone who plays softball or basketball to get what they were looking for out of the sport. It could be confidence or friends or even an introduction to the gospel. Lessons at church have a great positive impact in all aspects of my life. My school work, job, family, and friends. A good foundation in Christ is key to eternal happiness.