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Hi I'm Cassiopeia Ariel Parr-Peters,

But you can just call me Cassi for short, as everyone does. ^-^ I was baptized on March 22nd 2010 and I am so happy to be a Mormon

About Me

Not really much to say at this current point in time.... Im an Aries/Taurus Cusp Earth Snake with Fire and Earth Elements... I am the Only member in my family, the only one in my family who is religous at all... and im still a recent convert at this point in time. I was baptized by my best friend/partner, on exactly our two month anniversary lol. I have always been one for crafts and creativity, which comes with my being an Aries... i sew, i draw, i make paper art, i do photography... ect

Why I am a Mormon

right now.. all im trying to do in life, is get over issues that i've had since birth... and since i've joined the church, there has been a great deal of improvement... as long as I am active.. and doing what I am supposed to be doing... when im not, my life takes a turn for the worst, go figure... nothings really new about that though... to anybody whos in the church I feel like the people who do best in the church, are converts, myself being one, i lived life, not knowing or understanding what i was really doing... most born and raised LDS people i know, have left the church and have a VERY NEGATIVE opinion about it. And that saddens me, and i just wish that i could talk to them to get them to see things.. but it was forced on them by their parents, and they were held back from experiances in life, which help them grow, which they are SUPPOSED to experiance... and they run from it. So many people have it wrong about what it means to be LDS.. to be a Christian... its yes, about how you live your life... but its the truth in knowing that god blesses our lives each and every day. Its about seeing the world in a new light.. no body is perfect... thats why we are here.... so dont turn away from the church, JUST because you feel like living in the things of the world... as long as you know what is true... that is all that matters. There is still a good handful of born and raised, that love it, see the truth in it... and make it their life... not just their parents. And i am always happy to run into those who do. They keep me sane and happy... lol.... what else is there to say

How I live my faith

~I really enjoy institute classes... ~I plan to one day go on a mission... ~My last calling was in Enrichment commitee, which i really enjoyed due to all the service work involved... ~I love having missionaries over! 3 ~I used to have daily lessons with them, until schedules no longer allowed it... ~Every time i see missionaries walking down the street, it makes me smile, and if i can, i always call out "HI ELDERS!!!!" and wave and smile lol.