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Hi I'm Celeste Burnham

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly known today as "mormon".

About Me

I am 20 years old, youngest of 7 children (all married) and was raised in a small town with just a handful of people my age who shared the same beliefs through grade school. I felt different and it was hard standing up for what I believed in, but my friends knew my beliefs and were kind enough to not pressure me into something I and they knew I would regret. Because of a loving family, respectful friends, and most importantly a loving God who works personally with all His children, including myself, I have made the decision to serve a full time mission to share what I know to be true! I am currently living at home in a small town with my parents, awaiting my mission call, trying to fulfil my purposes here, and saving up money to share this gospel message elsewhere in the world. I love sports; played several through high school, and love to exercise! I went to school for 2 years to study the composition of music, for music has also played a huge role in my life and I know music with spiritual meaning has huge affect on the soul; it has a huge part on who I am today. I play the piano, guitar, and love percussion. 4 most important things in my life to me are, God/His love, My family, Music, and My body (exercise/sports). With all these things, especially with God and family first, Life is wonderful. It's beautifully happy and simple. With God first, we know who we are, where to go and are directed to the happiest path for us. I love life in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

I'll admit; being born and raised by LDS parents, I had a very hard time with believing in God, His existence, and especially with life after death. I was baptized when I was 8 but as I grew older and started making friends in Junior High and High school, I knew what I was suppose to believe but I still did not feel I knew these things for myself. Finally after much confusion and debate as to who I really was and what I truly believed, I decided I wanted to find out for myself. This is an important crossroad in all lives; We must find out FOR OURSELVES, who we are and what we believe. This changes our entire purpose. I learned that if you have desire to know the truth, even as so much to pray to God to know what He wants you to know, He will answer your prayers. Once I found out God was and is in fact real, I wanted to know more about Him and what He had to do with me, TODAY. I found out through reading the bible and the Book of Mormon, and also through prayers, that God has a way He wants me to live, and that is - HAPPY. I found that through God, and obeying what He asks of me, THIS is what bring true and lasting happiness. When I found this out, I can honestly say that everyday I have been happy. There are times of weakness and struggle in this life for all people to experience, but through God, trials and hardships become an opportunity rather than a burden. Through trials, God makes us a better people if we are willing to let Him show us how.God has nothing but love for each one of His children and knows us better than we or anyone knows us. Because of this, He knows how what makes us happiest and only wants us to find those joys in this life. It is now up to us to choose, everyday, to let Him guide our lives to our own individual happiness. God is personal; to the world we may be nothing, but to Him, WE ARE EVERYTHING.

How I live my faith

Today I live my faith by going to church each Sunday to learn and be reminded that God lives, is still there everyday, and to receive guidance on how I can do better. I teach a class on Sunday called Gospel Principles, which explains all the basic doctrines that God would have us know, to help us change and become better and all around a happier people; for true happiness comes only through coming unto Christ. Through this class, people who are not baptized, newly baptized, or who decide to re-learn what they knew, come to learn basic steps each day on how to draw nearer to God. Aside from church, I try my best to share this wonderful gospel message with those around me not of our faith. I know that God is everything; yesterday, today and forever. God and His plan for us is all that will ever matter in this life and forever. There are million around me each day who do not know this message for whatever reason. I know God has prepared some of these people for His gospel message and plan for them, and it is up to me and the members of this church to find those who are seeking truth and are ready to hear it. All of these people can be happy, truly happy, with knowing who they are, where they came from, and that they are PERFECTLY loved, but how will they ever know where to find it if we, as members don't open our mouths to share this plan of happiness to them? I love my life, I love my family, and I love God. He has directed my life and my paths and is SO close to us. The gospel is real and apart of everyones life, but the difference between members and non-members is that our eyes are opened to see God and recognize Him in our life. He is a huge part of their lives too, but how do they know if they know not what to look for and who to see? God is so close and is apart of each persons life. It is my duty as a member to prayerfully and diligently share this message. I do this because I know God's love can change a life and only for the better. We all NEED this.