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Hi I'm Daniel

I grew up in 3 states: Colorado, Utah, and then Arizona. I work at a children's hospital as a Registered Nurse . I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My wife and I have been married for 2 years, and now we have a little one on the way! We both just moved far from home to a completely new environment to begin our young careers. It would be easily evident by my wife's fatigue just how stressful and exciting the new chapter of our life has been. I am a huge football fan, so our move to Texas for me personally has had it's benefits. We plan on furthering our education, but for now we are excited to begin our own family.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were faithful, church attending Mormons. They tried to practice Christ's teachings through the Mormon church as best they could in our home growing up. I feel blessed to have felt the Savior's love via my parents in my childhood. Like every family, ours' wasn't perfect, but my parents attempted to be. They taught me in the home from a young age the words of Christ from the Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon. I feel that their actions set an example for me of how to live and treat others. I slowly gained my own relationship with God and Jesus in this environment. I like many others then came to the point of sincerely desiring to know what was true. The more I learned in school and college, the more I realized how little I knew concerning anything. Science speaks of theories, but I desired to truly have a knowledge of something. I knew that Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church, said he saw God and Jesus Christ and that they spake to him concerning Christ's gospel and church. If that was true, what greater thing was there to know than that God and Jesus Christ do exist. Joseph Smith said he translated an ancient record containing the writings of the prophets of the ancient Americas called "The Book of Mormon". If that product of Joseph Smith were to be true then Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw. I believed that if there truly was a God that he would grant answers if one were to ask. So I set out to study the Book of Mormon more thoroughly than ever before. What was being said, how did it effect my attitude, and how it would effect my choices at that time in my life. I read, pondered, prayed, and fasted for about 4 months. As I prayed with faith for my answer, I recieved it in the form of the Holy Ghost which brought a peaceful and joyful feeling that swept from my head to my toes. It felt tangible. I reminisced on my life and could see how the Book of Mormon had changed me for a better person, a more Christ-like person.

How I live my faith

I live my faith day by day. A testimony of truth can come as easy as it can go. By making righteous decisions my knowledge of the reality of God and Christ grow stronger each time, as do my bad decisions weaken my testimony. I have been serving in the church as a nursery leader with my wife, watching and caring for 18 month to 3 year old children during church classes. My wife and I have recently received different duties to serve as Webelos Den Leaders in the church's partnered Cub Scout program within the Boy Scouts of America. We still are settling into our new home, but we have been grateful for the opportunities that have risen to serve our neighbors through yard work or dropping off cookies to say "we're thinking of you". We don't feel that we are story perfect in our service towards others... no big projects or anything like that. We feel that the little acts of kindness go a long way, and we are trying to improve in that area of our lives.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being Mormon is a lifestyle, not just a church service. I try my best to live as we are taught within the church: to be self-reliant, educated, a productive citizen, prayerful, charitable, and a better husband and father. I have the challenges of working full-time, attending college, spending time with my wife, and fulfilling my volunteer duties as a Cub Scout Den Leader. I don't smoke, or drink alcohol. I don't drink coffee or tea (besides herbal). The law of chastity is a commandment that we live. Yet with all of the challenges, I feel safe and free from most of the worries of modern day life. I'm completely committed to my wife. I've never worried about getting my girlfriend pregnant, or felt unsure about what I did the night before when I was wasted or high. I don't worry about all of the health-related risks that come along with smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee. Even though I've experienced medical problems, I've been able to recover quickly and treatments haven't been altered by what I've done in the past. No one is perfect, which includes myself. I make mistakes... just ask my wife, Shelly:) But, the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ allows for all to repent and erase their mistakes. Are there residual consequences? Sure, but I sleep better knowing that I did my best that day. Knowing that I kept to my priorities: faith, family, church, work and service. Show more Show less