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Hi I'm Christian, and so is my name.

I love Honda 4 cylinder vtec engines, great music, and fantastic audio equipment. I'm married, and want to have children.

About Me

I am a graduate from the University of Washington where I received my degree in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. Although my degree is largely thinking oriented, I love techy stuff. On any given day of the week, one could find me working on a vtec motor, building home audio speakers, tuning my car, or building high performance liquid cooled gaming and server computers. My taste in music is eclectic. From classical music to metal, I appreciate most genres of music. My limitations in this area are solely content-based. I love life. I love the beautiful world that we've been given to live and learn in. I love people and the lasting relationships that I have made with so many wonderful people I've met. I look forward to opportunities to meet new people and build more of these lasting friendships in the future. Every day is an opportunity. I'm married to a wonderful woman from Korcë, Albania. We want to have children and are looking forward to having all that a family has to offer, even the struggles. I'm so grateful for her because her presence has enriched my life greatly.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a member of the church because I know that its teachings are true. I have learned by experience that when I follow the teachings of the church my life is smoother, I am happier, and my relationship with my loved ones are more meaningful. I have read the Book of Mormon and asked God if it is true in accordance with the promise at the end received an answer that it is. It's not the kind of answer that I can explain in an attempt to prove that the Book of Mormon is true, but an answer that is personal and unique that conveyed to my heart that the book I had read was true and the LDS church that was organized after it was also God's true church. In short, I'm a Mormon because I know the Book of Mormon is true. Plain and simple.

How I live my faith

I demonstrate my faith in God by living my life as an homage to the Savior's example and loving sacrifice. I do my best to obey the commandments and live up to the promises that I have made to God. I try to help those in my community through service to show them that they are valuable and worthy of notice in my eyes and in God's eyes. I demonstrate my faith by supporting socially responsible activities and behaviors while doing my best to be a good example of the life Jesus, our Savior, led. From 1995-1997, I served a mission for the Lord by teaching His gospel to those who had not had a chance to learn of it yet and wanted to know more. I live my faith by loving my neighbor, honoring my father and mother, loving my wife with all my heart, respecting her because she is precious in my Heavenly Father's sight. This perspective enriches my life with her all the more and gives me the desire to continually improve my relationship with her. I live my faith this way because I hope that those around me will notice how happy and fulfilling my life is and will want to know more about how they can experience the same.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Christian, and so is my name.
Here's a peek into my ideal day. 1. Wake up and say a morning prayer - to thank God for my blessings and to ask for help where I need it or others I know might need it. 2. Eat breakfast. I know that reading from the scriptures daily helps my day out. I don't know how exactly, but I do know that my day goes better when I do. So, when I eat food for my body, I also like to feed my spirit with a dose of the scriptures in the morning. 3. Kiss my wife goodbye if we are parting. 3. Go about my day, whether that is work, or something else. 4. Eat lunch. 5. Continue with the day's activities. 6. When night comes around, I'll spend time with my wife, watching tv, or a movie, or hanging out with friends. 7. Before we retire for the evening, my wife and I pray together. I feel like I lead a pretty normal day. The key differences between my day and some of my friends is the way that it begins (with prayer) and the way that it ends. Additionally, there are the decisions I make throughout the day that help keep me steady and fulfilled. I choose to participate in activities that will lift and build me up spiritually and protect my physical self from harm. For this reason, I avoid damaging substances and focus on uplifting and fulfilling activities. My wife, family, and the Lord are the most important parts of my life. I only want to build that and protect those relationships. By following the teachings that Jesus gave us I know I will be happy. Show more Show less