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Hi I'm Jay

I'm a Mormon. I am a professional in the green power industry.

About Me

I work in the geothermal industry and have been a power professional my entire career. My job calls for leadership and the ability to develop people and help them grow professionally. I enjoy working with people and helping them see what their potential is. Not only potential in their personal career but the potential to live a good full life. I am intrigued by the natural processes that make up our earth. It fascinates me to witness the power of the stored energy in the earth. I love to walk and take in the beauty that this earth affords. Whether it is on the desert floor, in the mountains, or along a beach. I love the earth and know that we are supposed to be good stewards of all that has been given to us.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I cannot deny the complexity of the physical properties that allow us to exist. Our earth is in just the right place, at the right time, with the right resources in order for us to exist. Our universe is complex to the point that I can only believe that it took a divine designer to create it. I believe that God created this earth for us to better ourselves. It is a place where we can learn to love and be giving, or to demonstrate that we are foolish and selfish. We all have that choice. In my experience, spiritual growth is even more important than growing in our careers or social standing. I know that my Heavenly Father loves all of us. He does not leave us alone. Anciently he spoke through prophets and when the people listened, the prospered. When they chose to ignore warnings of our Heavenly Father, they perished. God lives, I know this because of the sweet witness of the Holy Spirit. This is something I understand because of spirit-to-spirit communion with my Heavenly Father. Prophets speak to us today, they are authentic and very similar to any prophets identified in the Bible. The messages are tailored to our times, just like the messages were meant for the people of the Bible in their time. God does not leave us alone. Most of all I know that Jesus Christ lives. He has suffered for all of us and awaits our efforts to follow him. He will forgive all we may have done that is in conflict with our Heavenly Father's will, and he will take us home to that God who gave us life. I am a Mormon most of all because of this belief in Jesus Christ. He is the being who is wholly able to love me, judge me, and forgive me. I trust in his redeeming sacrifice and I know he not only speaks to prophets about us as a people, but he speaks to me through the Holy Spirit, helping me to be better and do better. And I know that no matter how short I am of his expectations, he will make up for the difference if I only keep my eye single to his glory.

How I live my faith

Because I believe in Christ, I also believe him when he challenged us to "do the things I have done." That means we love our fellow man. I look to serve and love my friends and neighbors. I cannot separate this love from my workplace either. This is why I believe I love to see others develop and grow. The Church affords me lots of opportunities to help my fellow man. I have a few families assigned to me that I visit a few times each month, just to check up on them. I might take a message that the father of that family feels he needs to family to learn. I might take a treat. When that family needs help, I make sure they get it. Sometimes I can do things myself, other times I ask my spiritual leaders to assist by sending others to help. Sometimes I get to teach lessons in Sunday School or at other meetings. I always enjoy this and it seems that when preparing these lessons, I learn even more about the Savior Jesus Christ than I thought possible. Seems that the teacher is really the student when one prepares for teaching in the church. We do other service also. Sometimes in the community. Sometimes by putting together supplies and packages that will be sent across the face of the earth to a place where disaster has taken the necessities of life away from people. In either case, one comes home after working exhausted, but filled with love. In my lifetime I have been lead by great people and learned so much from them. In turn in my small way I have contributed what I could. Whether serving as a scout master or as a member of church leadership. Every time I have been asked to serve, I have found great joy in helping improve the lives of those around me. In a small way I have learned to love others as the Savior loves them.