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Hi I'm Morgan Hansen

I am adopted, a middle child, a high school student, and an artist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 16 years old, a junior in high school, and already have senior-itise. I am currently in an AP Graphic Design class, and it being my last period, it is definitely what I look forward to all day long. My graphic design teacher says that I don't talk much, but my art does the talking for me. Graphic design is the career path that I am planning to go down. The whole idea of being able to be self-employed, and to work on my own schedule so that I can also raise a family of my own while doing something I love and happen to be paid for is just such a wonderful idea to me. Both my parents are BYU alumni, and are proud of it. My personality is a direct result of being raised by my dad, and my little quarks are very similar to my mothers. For the 16 years of his 21 years of life that I have known my older brother Greg, he has definitely been the braver of the two of us. We are polar opposites and tend to clash a lot, but he is my brother so I have to love him. My little brother, 9 year old Jordan, is a people pleaser, anything to make you happy. I tease him, and he teases me, we have a mutual appreciation for each other and no matter what we say to each other, we always end up best friends again. My siblings and I were all adopted. With Greg and I you can't really tell, but Jordan being a little Philippine, African-American baby, its hard not to miss it. We all except that we are adopted and that it was for the best. Our family is made of 5 different personalities and I love it

Why I am a Mormon

Why I'm a Mormon... Well for starters I have always been a mormon, and--this is a pretty biased opinion--being a mormon is the most fun you will ever have. All of my mormon friends are funny, outgoing, understanding, and smart (which is a bonus for procrastinator me who needs help in school a lot ^-^'). We have some of the most clean amazing fun out there. One of our mutual activities was going to be a BBQ, but it was rained out, so what did we do? We threw on trash bags and went penguin sledding down the hill, it was amazing. The fun isn't the only reason I am a mormon, but its also because as a mormon I have access to answers for many of life's tough questions. Honestly, I have not come across a question I have had in life that I haven't been able to receive an answer for after much prayer and scripture study. I know that it sounds corny, but its true. Even the questions that I didn't want answered, because I knew that I wouldn't like it, were answered, even when I wasn't looking for it. Being a mormon may seem like there are a whole bunch of rules and regulations that keep us from having fun. but those are what keep us going through life as smoothly as possible and happily as we can be. It's like a kite; A little boy was flying his kite with his father, but got frustrated when it wouldn't go higher and concluded that it was the strings of the kite that were preventing the kite for going as high as he desired. He asked his father to cut the strings to let the kite fly freely. The father complied and the kite plummeted to the ground. When going through life it may seem like the rules are keeping the us from being truly happy, but if you get rid of the rules, our lives would plummet into misery.

How I live my faith

I am a member of the 16-18 year old girl presidency, serving as the secretary at the moment. I know that I was divinely called to this position because the other three in the presidency are older than my friends that are just coming in, and being these new girls friends, I am able to help the presidency decide how to help these girls feel more welcomed and wanted in our group. Also, every year we have girls camp, when its your first, second, and third year, you have older girls over you that are there to help you through the week and provide a spritual atmosphere. Your fourth year, you are mainly on your own with adult leaders, and a couple youth leaders as well. This year (2011) was my fifth year, meaning I was one of those youth leaders. My friend and I were over six second year girls, we tried our hardest but we didn't really bound with them. BUT I did get the opportunity to hang out with a few third years and really did get close with them. In fact we see each other every Sunday, and I do have to admit I look forward to it. Girls camp is definitely my favorite activity we do all year long, although it really isn't true camping, it is true bounding and some of my most precious memories of this gospel have come from girls camp. I am looking forward to next year of camp, it is going to present a whole new set of challenges that I am eager to face head on.

Who are the Mormons?

Morgan Hansen
Mormons are amazing people who will leave an everlasting imprint on your life. They brighten your day and make just about everything in life just a little bit easier... Assuming that they are a true mormon with their heart in the right place Show more Show less