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Hi I'm Josef

I was born in the Philippines. I can speak five languages. I love to design. And I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I was born in the Philippines, the second of three children. My mother is an English teacher and a convert to the church. I am currently serving a mission in California speaking Mandarin Chinese. I love languages. I love learning them, speaking them, reading in them -- there's something captivating about words and languages to me. I am also an avid reader, writer, draw-er and painter and I am also an aspiring architect.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I took the challenge that was presented to me by the missionaries: to pray and ask our Father in Heaven, the omniscient God, if the Book of Mormon was true, if we truly had Prophets in these days and if this is truly Jesus Christ's church. He answered me. Although I grew up in church, I didn't really understand the significance of the Restored Gospel. My mother instilled in me a love for the Savior but it all waned away as I entered puberty where I did not want anything to do with religion or God or anything that pertained to those things. But that left a void in my soul. Distancing myself from my Father in Heaven made me feel empty, and no amount of parties, or concerts, or books, or movies, or video games, or whatever else that people think can bring happiness, could bring sense of peace back in my life. In this world we are constantly looking for satisfaction, for joy, for peace, for happiness. I found that through reading the Book of Mormon again. I was challenged by the missionaries to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and after contemplating, I did. It was like someone started a fire in a dark and cold forest wherein the heat of the flame brought a long-lost comforting, peaceful feeling and the radiance of the light of the flame brought illumination to both mind and spirit. I could only attribute that to the love our Father has for all of us. After that night, I could not deny it. It brought peace to a turbulent soul.

How I live my faith

By following the example of Jesus Christ. That is the only way we can live our faith -- doing what the Savior did, and all that is encompassed in charity, which is the pure love of Christ. As a youth, I didn't really know what that meant but the examples of people around me showed me the true meaning of charity, especially by members who showed unfeigned, unselfish acts of love to me and my family. I wanted to share that with others. I wanted to live it, and that is why I volunteered to serve a two-year mission for the Savior. As the scriptures teach us, every act of service and love we do, we do it to our Savior. There is nothing more in this that can bring us more joy and peace than loving the way He did. But it does take time. Small and simple things give way to great things coming to pass. Small acts of service, of love, here and there, help amplify the message of the Gospel. I am living my faith by following the admonition of the Savior to go forth into the world and preach His Gospel, baptizing by His authority and helping others enjoy the blessings that come from following Him. As missionaries we are essentially spreading His love to all of God's children, that no matter where we are, we are never too far from the reach of His Atonement.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

I know for a fact that the Mormon Church doesn't only help its members but helps everyone in need, even non-members. I remember how, in my youth, I participated in many service projects and helped in organizations such as the Habitat for Humanity project as well as helped in Red Cross blood drives and so on. Jesus taught us to love everybody and to help those who are in need, to be kind to those less fortunate, and to be an example in the world. Our prophet Joseph Smith exemplified and taught this. Show more Show less

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

One of the surest ways of knowing our Father in Heaven is first exercising faith in Him, which would lead us to prayer, which is communication with God. When we have faith, even if it is but a particle of faith, and we allow it to grow, we come to receive spiritual experiences that help us gain a knowledge and a testimony of the reality of God. By reading His word found in His scriptures, the Bible, the Book of Mormon and so on, listening to His word through the mouth of His living Prophets and Apostles and following His commandments will also strengthen that faith and belief. As we do these things, we begin to see changes in our lives that are not mere orchestrations of chance or the passing of coincidence. These blessings come from a loving Father in Heaven. And as we do, we receive a witness from the Holy Ghost -- a feeling or a thought that I know for a fact that we cannot come up with ourselves. Immense peace and happiness and assurance accompanies this feeling. Show more Show less

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

Our Doctrine is based on the teachings of the Savior who organized a church when He came to the Earth, which included an organization of Apostles and Prophets who received revelation from Him and the Father, extensive proselytizing and missionary work, service to the poor and needy, and taught His Gospel which is faith in the Savior, repentance, receive baptism by immersion by the proper authority (which He gave to His Apostles), receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost by the same authority, and enduring to the end. We believe that the Lord has restored His church here on the earth with the same organization that had existed prior to what we regard as the Great Apostasy -- wherein, after the Apostles were killed, the church that Christ had set up fell into disrepair with many people changing the teachings and doctrines that were kept pure and simple by the Apostles through revelation and authority given of them by the Savior. The Lord restored His church by calling another Prophet, Joseph Smith and through him brought about a new book of scripture, which is the keystone of our religion and what sets us apart from other Christian faiths, and that is the Book of Mormon. It is like the Bible where in it was written by divinely inspired prophets of the same God of the Old and New Testament but it takes place in the Ancient Americas, whom the Savior himself personally visits and ministers unto. Show more Show less