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Hi I'm Jack

And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I absolutely love being a member of the LDS church. As a little boy, I knew that I had a Heavenly Father (just as I have an "earthly" father), but it was not until I took the "missionary lessons" that I was able to learn how to reach out and communicate with my Heavenly Father. Now my understanding of how Heavenly Father helps us accomplish our "worthy" goals has made the years (since I took those lessons) the best years of my life. Knowing that he is ever near and is personally interested in me makes the future bright and wonderful and optomistic. I used to think that being "religious" meant that you had to give up all "fun" activities and walk around all "depressed"....Being able to laugh, tell jokes, and be silly was not something I wanted to give up. I could remember cringing and feeling selfish at the thought of joining any church ....but now those fears are no more. I am still the same person that I was before I joined the church except I make sure that my laughing, joking, and being silly is "verbally clean" and in harmony with church principles and good public behavior. The occasional church service projects gives me a chance to rub shoulders with my church buddies and try out new jokes,too. My hobby of welding and fabricating "U-Neek" looking hot rods, sand rails, T-buckets, choppers, and trikes has been influenced by the church in a good way..... NONE of my "crazy creations" have paintings of skulls screaming in agony, graveyards or scenes of gorey vicious carnage.

Why I am a Mormon

I did not seem to have any meaningful sense of direction as I grew up. The teen-age years sped by like a movie in fast motion....and with no real accomplishments to show for it either. All the hot rods, fast cars and fast livin was so unfulfilling. I began to wonder if there was any purpose in life. It seemed that I just could not obtain any lasting happiness no matter what I tried. I had heard that if I just pattern my actions after people that looked happy and successful ....then maybe I would be happy and successful, too. Geez, was I wrong, these people were just as hopeless and lost as I was. They did not have any better answers to finding "lasting happiness" than I did.... their lives seemed to be just living from day to day with "little to no" sense of direction, just like mine. Realizing that I was on a dead end road usually ended up with a "road trip" to a senic look out point where I could reflect upon some "profound" statements I had heard in my youth. One of those statements was, "You will know when Heavenly Father comes knocking on your door".....I did not know how or why, but even as a very young boy, I felt that it was an event that would surely happen and that I would clearly know it when it did happen. When I was about 22 yrs old, I began taking the missionary lessons, I again had that same exact feeling, that their messages "rang true to my heart". I studied the teachings very carefully and felt that all of the principles the church taught were practical and made perfect common sense. As a Youth, I studied the "Holy Bible" many times before I met the "Mormons". I remember the scripture when Jesus said to Peter, "Upon this rock (of revelation, the witness from the holy ghost) I will build my church...." When I read (and prayed about) the Book of Mormon, I knew those "rang true to my heart" feelings were from the Holy Ghost and not because it was just good common sense. I have been a member for 30 years now....best thing that I have ever done.

How I live my faith

I am so grateful to be a member of the church. Each day, I can see how the church teachings affect every thing that I do in a positive way. When I sit down to eat breakfast (lunch and diner,too) I can check my menu with a quick compatibility of the "Word of Wisdom" (LDS food nutrition health code) or I can refer to the scripture that says we should use good judgement in "balancing" our choices.....a bowl of dry cereal with no milk to soften it would not be to yummy, would it? When I drive off to work I can find comfort in knowing that Heavenly father will watch over me and keep me safe on the highways especially when I do my part and obey the traffic laws. From the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, my actions and appearance are gently guided by the church principles. Daily scripture study also help me recognize inspiration from Heavenly Father. In my opinion, Sunday is the best day of the week, I get to "rub shoulders" with other members. It is wonderful to be in the same room with like minded ppl (especially when you know those ppl have honesty, integrity, and moral virtue as their characterists). I always wear a white shirt on Sunday just in case I am asked to help with the "passing of the Sacrement (sort of like the "communion"). Having the knowledge of "modern day revelation" is so important. When teaching a "lesson" or organizing an activity, I know that I can call upon Heavenly Father to give me thoughts and inspiration when needed. And it is especially comforting to know that the leaders of the church (even at the local level) are inspired to know how to officiate in their respective responsibilities. My happiness comes from knowing what Heavenly Father wants me to do each day, and then doing it. Because it seems that Heavenly Father asks so little of me, there is always more than enough time for the things I want to do.