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Hi I'm Zach Horton

I am 20-years-old. I am from West Lafayette, Indiana. My favorite hobby is laughing and I am a Mormon.

About Me

If I had to describe me in one word it would be happy. I love to be happy and to have fun. Laughing is my number one favorite things to do. I love a good joke, I love funny shirts, I love little kids who say funny things, and I love being with people who want to be happy. Over the course of my life so far I have learned that happiness is a choice, however, it is a choice that brings about a lot of personal commitment. Because I choose to be happy I choose to do those things that will make me happy and I choose to not do the things that won't make me happy, no matter how enticing they appear to be. I love music. I play Piano, Trumpet, French Horn, Mellophone, Harmonica, Ukulele, and a little bit of the Accordion. I love listening to almost all kinds of music. One of my favorite things to do is to sit down and play the piano. I don't know too many songs, but I just improvise. I play how I feel. Music for me invokes deep emotions that I can't describe with words. As I listen or play I can feel an "energy" running through me. Based on the nature of the music this "energy" makes me feel completely still or it can make me feel very joyous or it can make me excited or feel like I am flying. It moves me in a way that I don't fully understand. For me, music is how I connect with God. When I play music, especially reverent and peaceful music, I can feel His Spirit. I connect with Him better through music than I do anywhere else. For that gift and blessing I am grateful.

Why I am a Mormon

There was a time in my life that I was trapped. I had made wrong choices and I had come to a point where I was stuck and I could not get out. For the first time in my life I couldn't fix my problems myself. No matter how hard I tried or how much effort I exerted I simply did not have the capacity to overcome my personal weaknesses. As I struggled day after day I felt hope moving away from me. I felt alone and defeated. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. I brushed my problems under the rug, thinking that they would go away. Eventually I couldn't run any more. I had to face my fears and my mistakes. I couldn't, not on my own. It was one of the hardest points of my life. One day I gave up. I accepted that I couldn't run, I couldn't hide, and I couldn't win so I did the only thing that I could think of; prayed. As I prayed I felt something I hadn't ever before felt; hope. God reached down and blessed me with hope and eventual happiness. I felt forgiven from my sins and hope for the future. I felt the happiness and peace that only comes from God. Today I am a different person because of it. His mercy saved my life. That is why I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being who God designed me to be. Heavenly Father has given us all talents and strengths. He asks that we use those gifts to bless others. Through the course of my life I have learned that He gave me the gift of happiness. This gift enables me to be happy in any given moment. No matter what is going on, I can choose to be happy. I feel very honored and blessed to have that gift from God, and I know that one reason He has given it to me is because other people around me don't have that gift. A lot of people I see every day are sad, lonely, depressed, angry and hurt. They don't feel much happiness and peace. I have been given the ability to share that happiness with other people. He gave me that gift because he wants me to spread the joy. Written in the fine-print of my identity are words of happiness. That is how God created me and that is what He designed me to do; be happy and share that with others. I live my faith by being who God designed me to be: Happy.

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

Zach Horton
Take a look at this analogy. Let's say you live in the middle of nowhere when suddenly decide you don't want to live there any more. You move and you end up living in the city. Then you decide this isn't the place for you either so you move again. You move in to a university area. Lets say you like it there so you stay. Do you become part of the university? The answer is no. You may be able to enjoy parts of university life but in order to get the fullest experience you must enroll in the university. Now lets tie it back to life. You can come to the conclusion that the LDS church is the true church of God on the earth and come every week but if you never get baptized you will never receive the full blessings of the church. The Lord accepts all "applications" to His "university" as long as the "applications" are filled out honestly and worthily. Once baptized you become a full fledged member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and you receive an "education" or the constant companionship of the Spirit of God. Baptism is important because only those who are baptized with proper authority are saved, just like how only those who are enrolled in the university receive an education or degree. The Lord promises us that if we will put in the work and get baptized then we will be blessed and will be able to be forgiven of our sins and eventually live with him again forever. Show more Show less