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Hi I'm Brad

I've a college student that has lived in Florida, Texas, Idaho, and has now settled for a time in Arizona. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been all over. My dad has relocated a few times for work reasons which has been hard, though nice in some ways. Now that I am twenty-six and can look back, I can see how lucky I was to get to be part of the southern culture, and then experience life in Idaho, before moving down to Arizona where there is a mix of everything. I am excellent at starting projects, though unfortunately I get burnt out often and don't always finish them. I used to play football and baseball, and was pretty good for the area, though definitely not good enough to play after high school. I love the sunshine and I love being around people. I love to cook, and oddly enough, sew. I have a lot of people tease me that I would make an excellent wife. I can't really help it if I'm just super well rounded though! I am a senior at Arizona State University majoring in Spanish Linguistics. I am not sure what I will do with that degree, but I am trying to become educated for my future so we'll hope that turns out alright. I've been married for just over a month, and it's pretty great. And so is she.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church. My dad was the first and is still the only member of the church in his family. His example, and that of my very faithful mother, helped me gain a testimony. I always believed, though in my adolescent years I struggled a little. Not because I didn't believe, but because I was swayed by peer pressure and by doing things that the popular crowd did. I don't mean to say I was involved in a lot of bad things, cause I was still a pretty good kid. I left on my mission when I was nineteen, and went to Independence Missouri, speaking Spanish. I remember listening to a General Conference of the church, where the church leaders address us. I remember the powerful feelings that I needed to live better. I wanted to go to heaven, to be with my family forever, but I was just trying to do the very minimum. And for those blessings, I needed to do more. I've grown up. I've re-prioritized my life, and continue to do so when I need to. I know that this life is about work. I'm trying to prepare myself to meet God. It's serious. In saying that, I've also realized where happiness comes from. Since my mission, I have been lonely. I've been scared and confused. But I have never been happier. To know that what you are doing is pleasing to God is such a blessing. I know that that is what makes me happier, and that this path is where I want to be. I want to be with my family and my new wife forever. I want to make God proud of me. I've prayed about the truthfulness of the Church. It took time to get an answer. But anything worth doing should be a little difficult. So I kept praying. I received my answer. I know it. I've prayed since to confirm that testimony. I know it is true. That's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

For the last four years I was in a Single Adult Ward, a congregation where only unmarried members can go. A lot of these members were going to college and it is a very fun atmosphere. In that ward I helped organize activities every Monday night. Sometimes we would have dinner at someone's house, or have a big sports activity. Sometimes we would have smaller groups and sometimes it would be the whole ward. Every few months we would combine with the other wards and have 800 to 1000 people show up. I also was given the chance to be a home teacher. Although every adult male in the church gets to do this, usually they visit families. In Single Adult Wards, you just visit the individual members. It is nice for the women who don't have men around, because they can always call on you if they need help. Whether they want you to come pray with them, help them move, or even help with their homework. It helps them, and me, as I get an opportunity to serve them. I formed some really special friendships in those monthly visits. I just moved into a new ward so I don't have a calling yet, so right now I get to just focus on living my faith in my home and when I'm out (I mean, I still go to church weekly, I just don't have any responsibility there yet). I am able to read the scriptures and pray daily with my wife. I am asked occasionally by peers at school or work why I'm not partying or even drinking coffee, and I get the chance to explain my faith some. I hope I can always be a good example. Though I'm not perfect, I try to help others and be that example of Christ that I know I should. Cause even when others aren't watching (though they often are), I know that God is.

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

We believe that EVERYONE should get the chance to hear the message of Jesus Christ. Baptisms for the dead do not make everyone Mormon. It is simply fulfilling that requirement so that, if someone that has passed on decides to accept the message of Jesus Christ, that is taken care of for them. Everyone still has a choice. Show more Show less