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Hi I'm Madi

I am a competitive cheerleader. I am a high school student. I play the piano, I sing, I dance, and I love shopping. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a junior in High School this year and life isn't easy when you have to juggle homework, projects, online classes, cheer practice, going to school everyday, and having a job. Life is especially hard when you have ADD. In order to fully understand me, you must realize that my entire life revolves around one great thing, cheerleading. I started competitive cheer about 5 years ago when my older sister started coaching cheer at a gym. I began on a level 2 team and worked my way up to higher levels. This year I am proud to be on the highest levels of competitive cheer, which are a level 5 and an international level 5. I would not have been on these teams if it weren't for my sister. She constantly pushes me to be better and work hard for higher skills. Without her as my coach, I probably would have quit a long time ago. Cheerleading is my outlet, whether it be a bad mood, long tiring day, or frustration. Cheer brings out who I truly am. I am a happy person, fun to be around, Hyper and silly 99% of the time, and very generous.

Why I am a Mormon

I never really knew why we went to church every week or what the importance of going to church was until a few years ago. I was in my seminary class pondering my scriptures when all of a sudden I found myself reading Moroni 10:3-5. This scripture verse stated that, If anyone had questions or doubts about the church, they should pray for an answer with real intent. I went home that night, got to my knees, and asked Heavenly Father if the scriptures were true, if this was the true church, and if everything I had ever learned was true. After finishing my prayer I got in my bed and waited. It took about 2 weeks until finally one night while I was in my bed, I got an overwhelming feeling of joy and tears started running down my cheeks at a rapid pace. I remember getting a comforting feeling that this church was true, and all of my questions were answered. Another thing that reminds me why I'm a mormon is an experience that I had when I was 5. We lived in Texas at the time and I remeber in our backyard, we had a large pool with a large fence around it. After a couple of hours of swimming with my mother and little sister, it was time to head in for a nap. I remember how bad I wanted to stay in the pool but my mom told me that we were done playing in it for today. As we went upstairs to get dressed, I decided that I would secretly kept my swimsuit on underneath my nightgown. After tucking us in, my mother went to go mow the front lawn while my older brother watched TV in the family room. I quickly leaped out of bed and snuck back out to the pool. I grabbed a chair and stood on it while I unlatched the pool gate. Since I could not swim I went to the edge of the pool to try and get a new floaty that was stranded in the middle of the pool. While trying to reach for it, I slipped, fell into the deep end of the pool, and sunk to the bottom. Luckily, my brother followed the Holy Ghost's promptings to pull me out of the pool and perform CPR or I would have died.

How I live my faith

I helped coach our special needs cheer team for a few years. Those girls made me realize how greatful I was to be normal. Every week they each would show up for practice with positive attitudes and giant smiles on their faces. I loved helping them feel normal and do things that their doctors told them they could never do. My leaders in church are truly amazing. Just like I had made a difference in the special needs girls' lives, my leaders have made one in mine. I constantly recieve texts from some of my leaders, asking if I need anything, asking how I am doing, and encouraging me to be who I am. They really help me get through trials in my life and often remind me to have faith in our Heavenly Father.