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Hi I'm Jamie

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am late 30's now & still in school (or in school again depending on how you look at it), with a wife and 4 children. I work a full time job and go to school a little less than full time. I am "American Poor." That means I have clean water, a decent home, and healthy food, but I don't have cable, or a movies and restaurant habit to speak of. I share a car and a cell phone with my wife, who is way too pretty for me. I should have and could have made a great many more informed choices growing up. My grade school years were formed around gymnastics and friends; my teenage years were mostly a blur and formed around playing bass guitar, skateboarding, friends, and being manic about my girlfriend; The first half of my adult years were formed around music and the Gospel; and the most recent years of my life have been formed around higher education and still..... the Gospel. I'm short. I'm looking to graduate (some day) with a masters of public administration with an emphasis on economic development. I have an unhealthy addiction to politics.

Why I am a Mormon

Both of my parents are converts to the church. I grew up with sometimes regular and sometimes irregular exposure to the church. It was patchy. Somewhere around middle school I opted out all together. My personal choices led me in a different direction. Eventually, after years of heading in the wrong direction, I came to realize that there was a pervasive sort of gloom that had settled over me. I had become accustomed to pleasure and fun, but happiness had evaded me. Then my older sister met a great guy and decided to get married..... in the temple. Privately, I thought her a little silly. I thought she had evolved past religion and superstition. But then I strolled into town for the wedding and saw her for the first time in a while. Something had changed. There was a light in her eyes that wasn't there before. That new light seemed to shine uncomfortably on my secret gloom. If it were anybody else I would have rationalized the entire thing away, chalked it up to early stage love, but I knew her happiness was Gospel centered, and I knew she was not capable of faking it. I attempted to settle back into my regular life, but began to be drawn back again and again to this change in my sister. Then one day a friend of mine, who was only vaguely aware of my inner questioning, issued a challenge to me. I don't remember the words exactly, but it was something to the tune of "I don't think you can read the entire Book of Mormon." I laughed it off and asked why. He said it was because the book was true, and I didn't want to realize it. I took him up on the challenge. A few months later, in a closet in Southern California, I knelt down in prayer not to ask the Lord if it was true, but to thank Him for manifesting the truth of it to me. During the midst of that prayer I became overwhelmed with a spirit of such joy and happiness that I could have never imagined it on my own. It remains the transcendent, life changing experience of my life. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

My faith is at the center of my life. Everything I endeavor to accomplish, whether in school, at work or at home, is rooted somehow in principles of the Gospel.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

There are 3 possibilities when it comes to God's authority. It is understood that Jesus Christ held that authority during His ministry. It is also understood that after He died that authority was held in the persons of His 12 apostles, Peter being chief among them. The 1st possibility pertaining to God's authority is the position of the Catholic Church: God's authority was passed from Jesus Christ to Peter, then down from Peter to Pope to Pope to Pope, and resides today in the Pope of the Catholic church. The 2nd possibility is the position held by the vast majority of modern Christianity: Men are moved upon by the Holy Ghost and take the authority upon themselves. It is not given, or handed down from an appointed representative, but earned and awarded at seminaries or universities (institutions of the State). The 3rd possibility is the position held by the Mormon church: Jesus Christ held the authority while on earth. He passed that authority on to Peter and the apostles, who were consequently killed. Because of wickedness the lord took His authority from the earth. That authority was then "restored" to the earth via the same people who last held it (Peter, James, and John) to Joseph Smith Jr. All those in the church today, who hold the priesthood can trace this authority directly back to Jesus Christ himself, in an unbroken succession. Without authority, sacred ordinances like Baptism cannot be considered valid. The authority must be given, not assumed. Show more Show less