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Hi I'm Jennifer.

I'm a wife to the man of my dreams, a stepmom to 4 awesome kids, an RN, a LtCol in the USAF, a marathon runner and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I didn't get married until I was 40. I was raised in an LDS family & am number 5 of 10 children. My baby brother finally gave up waiting for me before he got married. I wanted to be married & start a family, but since this didn't happen I went on with my nursing & Air Force careers. As a civilian RN, my career started out as a rehab nurse, then I trained to become an ICU nurse, Clinical Nurse Consultant which took me throughout the U.S. & I'm currently a dialysis RN. I joined the Air Force Reserves at age 29, having no idea at the time the opportunities this decision would bring me. I just finished my 6th deployment since Desert Storm; 24 years as an Air Force Officer. When I was in high school, I visited my junior high school; my name was still on the board as the fastest runner. I have always loved running; at age 30 I ran my first marathon. Running and military have been intermingled through the years. I have ran: on flight lines in Saudi Arabia, desert roads in Egypt, compounds surrounded by constantine wire in Somalia, forests in Germany, orange groves in Sicily, Air Base in Japan, top of Diamond Head, ice covered streets in Anchorage, twisted roads in Ecuador and finally in Whatcom Falls Park. Before I became a nurse, I was focused on art and our youngest son is encouraging me to pick-up where I left off. As a returned missionary from Chile, part of my heart is still there; I imagine the day when I can bring my husband to meet those amazing people.

Why I am a Mormon

I don't want to imagine how sad my life would be if I weren't Mormon. It was a beautiful winter sunny day yesterday. I took our Sharpei for a run. I was listening to some happy music. I had a smile on my face thinking of how fortunate I am. I have a husband who brings love to my life every moment; our four kids are making great choices; I have been blessed with the knowledge that Heavenly Father has restored the truth to the earth. I ask myself "Why am I so blessed?" So the question: "Why am I a Mormon?" Because I love being happy. I love the peace that comes from knowing the complete truth of "Where I came from; why I am here on earth and that I'll be with my family after this earth life." The thought of being with my husband throughout the eternities gives meaning to everything I do. My father died when I was 16. He was a hard working father with a love for everyone. I smile thinking of the silly things I learned from him like: how to stand on my head by making a tripod using my hands. I think of him often imagining him looking out for me from above. My mother at age 83 is still serving others & goes for a walk every morning. It still seems like she is 39 years old, for she never seems to age. I have a loving stepdad who taught me how to be a loving stepmom. When I arrived to Saudi Arabia at the beginning of Desert Storm, I remember the first night the scuds came our way. We had 7 seconds to get our gas masks on. There were RNs that were so frightened. I said a prayer & felt an immense peace. I knew I had no control over when I would die. I turned my life over to Heavenly Father and went about helping others. As a flight nurse I don't remember many of my patients names, but I remember their faces and their stories. The love for family & country they shared. I remember the time a female patient, with tears in her eyes, looked at me, holding my shoulders, telling me I had chosen the right profession. Those are the tender moments that make it all worth it.

How I live my faith

I love planning my day ahead of time because something usually comes up to change my plans. Yesterday I was going to clean out a drawer, but instead ended up getting a FaceBook message that a friend had a dryer to donate to a family in need. My husband is always up to support my spontaneity. We jumped in the truck, picked up the dryer and delivered it to the single mom of four. Another lady asked me if I knew of anyone that could help her plan a wedding. I told her she asked the right person. I'm now helping her plan a wedding. She's been abused by two former husbands and is so happy in her current relationship. Life seems to be this way. Opportunities to serve appear daily. I feel so happy when I can help others. I have to be discerning as to who I serve and who will benefit most from my time and energies. My husband teases me about how much I love kids/youth and that I'll love being a grandma someday. It's fun the variety of people that come through our front door. We love inviting people over for dinner of all ages and cultural backgrounds. As a college student I went on a 25 day outdoor survival program. I loved/hated it. I have had many opportunities to work with the Young Women. Going to summer camp as the camp nurse or camp director has been a highlight for me; waking up early to do the polar dip (brrr). I enjoy public speaking; I research my subject, write some notes down and then let ideas percolate in my mind. I put the subject in Heavenly Father's hands and pray for inspiration. I enjoy hearing what comes out. I've had so many amazing moments with my travels and military deployments that I hope to be able to use my experiences to touch someone else's life. Our three oldest kids are off to college which leaves just one left at home. I marvel at how much I learn from them. They know so much more than I did at their ages.