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Hi I'm Tawna!

I play and teach violin, viola and cello. I do respite care for a wonderful little boy and his family and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I grew up in a small town in Northeastern Arizona. Life was great! Even though there wasn't a lot of entertainment options there, I thoroughly enjoyed growing up. We never had to worry about watching over our shoulder to see if there was any danger - we were free to climb trees, swim in the creek, play in the streets, etc. I grew up helping work on a ranch and rear quarter horses. I would be the one daddy would have ride the horses until they could be ridden by others - in other words, I broke horses to ride. School was school.... but when I was in fifth grade I was introduced to the violin. That changed my whole world. I fell in love with it and with its music. I was privileged to be taught by wonderful teachers in the school system (never had private lessons, per say). I also had opportunity to accompany my Dad as he would entertain others with his beautiful voice and guitar. I learned how to play by ear and then went on to play at fiddle contests and then on to become a professional musician. I married late in life, so I have no children - but have enjoyed my nieces and nephews and the many children I have opportunity to teach violin, viola and cello with. These are my "kids!" I know Heavenly Father has given me this precious opportunity to share what I love and enjoy!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in an LDS home. My parents did also. As children, my siblings and I grew up with knowing our Heavenly Father loved us and Jesus Christ is our Savior. We had family prayers night and morning. We read the scriptures together as a family and individually. When I was around 13 years old, my father asked me, "Tawna, do you have a testimony?" I said, "yes." He then asked me again, "Do you have a testimony?" I again answered, "yes." Then he asked me again, "Tawna, do you have a testimony?" I was puzzled. I looked at him and started to cry and said, "I think I do." He then gave me one of the greatest challenges anyone could ever give... "Tawna, I want you to get your OWN testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church. Your mother and I know. We want you to know. As you study and learn, we will be there to help you, but you must do this for yourself - not just to please us, but to have that knowledge and assurance only you can get from the Holy Ghost and from Heavenly Father." I took the challenge. I visited other churches in the area. I asked questions, I read, I prayed. I did all I could think of to gain the knowledge my parents encouraged me to find. Months went by, but didn't feel I had really gained the testimony I was looking for. Then one day, I was talking to a class of my peers about the Presidents and Prophets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I named them one-by-one and told a little about each one. When I got to the Prophet serving at that time, I had the most awesome experience. It was as if someone poured warm liquid over the top of my head - it filled my whole body. Then I had a witness of the Spirit and I KNEW!!! Everything I was reading - the Book of Mormon - the Bible - other writings of the Prophets - was TRUE! I went home for lunch and found my father sitting in a chair. He looked up at me and asked, "Well,how does it feel?" He had received a witness of my experience. AWESOME!

How I live my faith

I try to live my life as the Savior has taught. I refrain from judging others because I know I am not perfect myself. Because I have been given a talent from God to share with others - my music and violin - I have many opportunities to serve. I play for just about anything and everything - wherever I can be of service. Music is the universal language and it can touch a person's heart much quicker and deeper than any other method of "speech." I have witnessed so many times how the music I have played has touched someone to tears, has brought a smile to a sad face, has brought laughter to those who are suffering. It has been such a testimony to me as to how the Spirit works and how important it is for me to remain worthy of the gifts I have been given. Everything in my life reflects my belief in Jesus Christ. I try very hard to keep my covenants I have made with Him. He is my Savior and I know He knows and loves me. So - whenever I receive opportunity to share that, I do. I have worked with young children and taught them songs about Jesus. I have worked with teenagers and shared experiences I have learned from the Book of Mormon and my studies. I have led the church choir and enjoyed singing praises to the Lord. I am presently in the choir and enjoy serving with these talented people. So - as you may be able to see - I love serving! I love knowing I am loved. I appreciate being able to share my testimony in various ways. I enjoy living my religion and am not afraid to share that with anyone interested.