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Hi I'm Michael

I´m a born and raised Florida resident. I´m a video game nerd. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Since I was a little boy I´ve been a hardcore videogame nerd. My brother had a Nintendo 64 he let me play all the time. But my first system was the Gameboy Color I got on my 7th birthday. I have been an active player of videogames since then but my most recent console was the Xbox 360. I´m a big day dreamer and have a huge imagination. I love just thinking of new worlds and adventures. I must have a wanderer´s spirit because I´ve always thought of just one day walking down the road and not stopping till I felt like I had satisfied that part of me. If it weren´t for my friends I might´ve. Part of what I like about video games is how it allowed me and my friends from my ward to get alot closer. It kinda was what connected us all. We started having videogame parties and from there just went on to hang out and formed a bond. Me and the boys from my ward became best friends and stuck with eachother till the end.

Why I am a Mormon

I´m Mormon because well firstly I was born into a mormon family. Around 1870 missionaries came down to Florida and converted my ancestors (on my maternal grandmother´s side). Since then her side of the family has always been active in the church. Either my grandmother´s uncle or great-uncle (one of the two) eventually made the first Florida Church in Lake City. What kept me going to church was basically jusit my mother´s testimony and her mother´s. They both were active and went every Sunday and while it annoyed me atfirst I grew to love and appreciate the church. I found a large group of people who cared about me and wanted to help me live a righteous life. And really I never actually fit in much in the outside world. I was never one of those kids that did drugs, I didn´t like cursing, and just these things didn´t really let me connect with the world. But the people in the church I could connect with. There was no outcase feeling. There was no pressure to do things I didn´t want. In the end I think this is truely what our Heavenly Father wants. He wants us to be able to live these peaceful lives and not feel the pressure to do things we don´t want. To go down into a pit of sorrow. And honestly if this isn´t a true church, I don´t care. Everything about it makes me happy. I know my inheritance, I know what the Lord has planned for me. And that´s why I´m a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I´m actively striving to be a role model for the Young Men in my ward, trying to comfort them and steer them in the right direction. My last few months in my ward before I left to serve a two year mission I became the default substitute teacher for the children in the ward. Helping them get ready for their later years and show them the love that children need. I do my home teaching as much as possible. I got one family in particular that always let me in and always have good things to say and I like laughing with them. The other families aren´t as active as that one and don´t know me aswell. But they still open the door and talk and continue the laughs and joy.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

The priesthood has been around since the Earth's first years with man on it. Our first ancestor, Adam, also had such a thing. With the priesthood we are able to do things such as bless bread and water of sacrament, baptize and confirm others, and give blessings to those in need. The big reason the gospel had to be restored was for the baptizing and confirming factor. Christ knew he was gonna be crucified and so before his death he gave the priesthood to his apostles and then they spread the priesthood further to members of the 70 and their priests, teachers, ect. But eventually though the apostles were killed off aswell and so there was no one left to lead the church. There was no more priesthood power. To go back to what I was saying earlier about baptism. It was said in the Bible "Unless a man be born of water... he cannot enter the Kingdom of God". Baptizing cleanses us of our sins and the Holy Ghost helps us stay clean after and remove later dirt. If the Gospel was never restored we wouldn't have anyone with the priesthood to baptize/confirm others and we would continue to live in our sins and not be allowed in God's presence. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life? It's simply to know joy in this life. We go through so much pain in this life. While I'm on this mission I've encountered all sorts of people that are suffering. But in the end this suffering only helps us in this life. When suffering we're closer to God. We see the happiness of our life and learn to appreciate it alot more. Before we came to this life we stuck in a state of innocence. We didn't know sorrow. So how can we know happiness? Our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, were going through the same situation in the garden. Everything they ever had in their life was handed to them. When they were kicked out of the garden it was a shock to them. They began to suffer. But while in the midst of suffering they learned what true happiness was. They labored with their own hands, they had children who they loved more then they would realize. The scripture goes "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy". We can put our own name their "Michael fell that he might be; and he is, that he might have joy". Some of the happiest moments in my life were when I was going through pain. Some of the happiest moments in history are the same way. In the end this life is here so that we can go through these trials and find our true happiness. Our happy endings. That's all anyone ever wants in this life. Show more Show less