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Hi I'm Louleni

I'm a kiwi. I am Deaf. I am a mother and a wife. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a Deaf wife and a mum of two beautiful (and hearing) boys. I own a telecommunication franchise which I can work on in my own free time. I have desires to learn how to play the piano, to sing and to sew like a pro! Before I came to Australia, I was born and bred in New Zealand. I worked as a tutor for a literacy class and as a residential staff for Deaf students at an Auckland-based Deaf school part-time. I went to Auckland University of Technology to study NZSL and Deaf Studies, as well as Communication Studies (journalism, radio, tv, PR and so forth). My mother sold her home in NZ and sent everyone in my family to Australia. I stayed behind in NZ because of university studies. However, I fell pregnant to a boyfriend about two years into my studies. My boyfriend at the time, now my husband, had desires to work in Australia, so I decided to drop my studies and come to Australia with him. We both had also come to Australia to receive family support and advices from my mother, on how to raise a family of our own, especially when we both are Deaf parents. Now today, I'm just as happy as any woman would feel contented to be, and my husband is working as a cabinet maker. One day, when my youngest boy reaches his 1st birthday, I hope to have a stimulating job here in Australia. I hope to do something like journalism, photography, data entry or be a teacher aide for the disabled. And then I could teach my sons how to live their lives to the fullest!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in Turangi, New Zealand to a painter and a busy mum. Neither are members. Neither was I or my siblings. The last person in our family who was a member was my grandfather, who probably died at least ten years or more before I was born. I was suspected of being deaf, and it was confirmed when I was about six months old. Then I grew up, learning lots of things as a child. Speech therapy was part of it, learning about names of things with visual aids, and becoming a speaking Deaf person. I reached high school and there was peer pressure. Others saw me as having paved the way for Deaf students who later enrolled after hearing of the school's reputation in providing excellent student support. It wasn't enough. I, at the age of eleven, had wondered why I was Deaf, why I was born here in this life and why do such emotions exist. Then I went to a Deaf school. It had this 'culture' and language. I had found my identity. I became fluent in NZSL. A staff had told me to go to university. I took the advice and eventually jumped at the opportunity that came along. That's where I met a Mormon friend. Then I met the missionaries. They taught me the gospel. They also told me to pray and ask if this Church is true. I never prayed before. And when I did, I felt this wonderful feeling... Then I got the answers that I needed to know - why was I Deaf, why was I born here in this life and why do such emotions exist. Emotionally speaking, I had struggles in my past relationships. I came to a point, where I was still investigating the gospel, that I needed to pray for something. I prayed for a husband who would love me with respect, and respect me with love. Oh, and that he can cook too. :) Now I'm in Australia. I have a wonderful husband (excellent cook too!) who got baptised last year, the day after our wedding day. We have two beautiful boys. We now aim to go to the Temple one day, and I will continue to endure to the end.

How I live my faith

I do not have any role in the Church, except as a member. I teach sign language there voluntarily. Recently I had done some visiting teaching, which is where I visit all the ladies from church. I enjoyed it, because I get to know them, and I can relate to them and it gives me a chance to find people that I could help with needs. One example is that a young lady is pregnant and has only big things such as cot and pram. I offered my youngest son's clothes, for he couldn't fit them anymore. I go to Church every Sunday, or as much as we could. I just enjoy going there because seeing that I'm a stay at home mum, I don't get out much. Coming to Church is like coming home, where we can show reverence to our Father and as well as share the love for our brothers and sisters because that's how he wants us to live our life. I pray as often as I could. I read when I can. I pay my tithing to show my faith. I try to be a great mum. I even try to be a great wife. I even try to share the gospel, so that others may feel comforted. I even try to tell others that Heavenly Father loves us, that Jesus Christ died for us, and that the Holy Spirit is there to tell us in mysterious ways that this Church is true. I try to make my faith grow. It's like planting a seed, and working carefully on it so it should never wilt nor die out.