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Hi I'm Richard

I am taking 12 credits in college, I work 20 hours a week, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, Im Richard. Heres some things you should know about me. I am the youngest of three and my parents devorced when i was one. I have moved 11 times, lived in three different states, had 6 different step parents, all by the time i was 12. since then, i have found my way back home to arizona and made a life. I played lacrosse all throughout highschool and acheived many great things in that community. Since those days, I live my life going to school, working, attending church and doing other social things.

Why I am a Mormon

What a great question and where to start. . . Throughout my life till i was about 18, i lived in a mormon home with mormon parents waking me up to go to church each sunday. they had done just as many other parents, mormon or not, have done to their children. A few key things or events led me to my answer as why "im a mormon". I played lacrosse and as humble as i can say it, i was good, good enough to play at the universty level. I started playing in 8th grade and continuly improved and it quickly became my life. i traveled far and saw many things. some things good, others bad. As my junior year of highschool started i started to feeling a dull pain build in my lower back. as the season started it got worse and worse. It got to the point where i couldnt play or sleep. i tried to play through it know that if i were to play at the next level of lacrosse, my junior year would be pivital. As i got news that i had two fractures in my lower lumbar L5 vertibre, i saw my dreams slip. My next year i recovered and returned and played outstanding for my highschool team. But, the damage had been done and i found myself asking, "what am i doing with my life?" I was living at home, taking a few classes here and there, sometimes not going to class, with no job, no girlfirend, and someting not right. The time to choose if i wanted to serve a "mormon mission" was coming up and i had no idea even if the so called true church was real or just another scam and a waiste of my time. I took for the first time in my hands and truly read the book of mormon. I had a feeling in my hands and i thought in my mind that i was holding the true word of God. Then, unexpectedly, it hit me in my heart it was true. . . thats all i knew. The book of mormon was true. i served a full two years for Christ and only Christ.

How I live my faith

It simple. i Live my faith and life as close to christs life as possible. I work, go to school, attend my church services, and socialize among my peers at these places. My faith cannot be found inside a book, a building, a man, a church but within how i act and live. i may say i fallow chirst but that is easy to say. I fallow his teachings within his scriptures. may that be the bible. . . sure.... may the be the book of mormon. . . sure. The mormon church contains teachings of Christ. Thats why i am christian. The "mormons" help build that faith in Christ.