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Hi I'm Susan

I am a wife, a mother, a flute teacher, an avid reader, a homemaker, a volunteer, and now I’m a Mormon.

About Me

I like to teach expression through music. My instrument is the flute, but I think what I teach relates to all instruments. I have four children. Each of them are superior to their mother and father in many ways, which is for the good! I had the privilege of travelling while younger, and each of these children have lived in foreign countries or in the islands. Our family reunions are punctuated by a multitude of languages and customs gleened from their travels and missions. I like to use a sewing machine. I do a lot of quilt top making and learned while young how to do needle crafts, such as crochet and knitting. Once, I failed a final exam because I used too many words! One point off for each word over fifty! My family thinks I love to do kitchen work. I do cook joyfully, but I would not consider myself a great cook, nor one who loves to cook. Though I may consider myself a homemaker, I do not keep a real tidy house. It is a lived in, welcome you in kind of house. It is full of all sorts of hand made things my husband or I have created, quite a few treasures from trips our children have taken, and mementos that remind us that family and especially husband/wife relationships are eternal in nature. When I was a young mother, I had a saying: I cannot do it all; therefore, I CHOOSE family, children and music. I would add serve God to that list now. I am a blog reader and may one day have one of my own. It would probably be too wordy, though! I love to read books.

Why I am a Mormon

I lived with distant relatives one summer when I was 13 years old. I had a lot of time to myself so I set up a regimen of daily exercise, reading, and studying the New Testament. I got to know Jesus Christ’s life and mission from the Bible. I knew and loved Him, and felt His love for me. At home, I worshipped in our local church. I was unaware of doctrines or creeds, but my love for Jesus Christ was constant. One day though, I heard a different Jesus preached over the pulpit from what I had studied in the New Testament. I could not reconcile my understanding with the minister’s, so I accepted his words by faith as he suggested. A few years later, my sister went to Brigham Young University, to study with “the Quakers” in Utah. (Like I said, I was unsophisticated!) At semester break, she told me about the church's teachings and rules. At first I mocked her, but my curiosity grew and I visited her. I found the people at that school were kind, friendly, happy, and they cared about each other unlike anything I had ever seen in my college-- they dressed modestly, didn’t drink or profane. It was enough to encourage me to investigate the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It didn’t take me long to realize that true doctrines are important. My faith plays a central role in my choices and decisions. I feel it has helped me raise my children and strengthened my marriage to live the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am happy.

How I live my faith

In my church, we have opportunities to serve given to us all the time. For example, one year I taught a group of five year olds the stories of Jesus out of the Bible. It was very challenging and I spent many hours each week praying about how to teach, how to help "Johnny" stay in his chair, and how to get "Susie" to stop talking long enough to listen to the stories. Another year, I was asked to be the head of a woman's organization. This involved a lot of different skills, including visiting and comforting, discerning needs and unspoken problems, in addition to the challenges of running meetings and having dinners and classes run smoothly. These are ways I have lived my church religion. But in my personal life, I would say my faith is based upon a testimony that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I believe He atoned for my sins, and as I strive to repent, as He taught, and to live in accordance to His commandments, I am happy. He will cover all the sins and mistakes I do have when I ask for forgiveness. To stay fresh on what His commandments are, I try to study the scriptures every day. I journal what I have learned. Right now, I am working on a challenge to read the Book of Mormon entirely by year's end. It will take me just about that amount of time, because I am used to studying, not reading! Prayer is also a very important part of my daily walk. I have a lot of thanks and praise to give my Father in Heaven! He is full of mercy, love and kindness and blesses me all the time. In my family life, we read the word of God every day. We have done this since our children were able to sit on our lap and repeat what we whispered to them in their ear. They learned to read from the Scriptures. At first we just read. But as they got older, we talked about what we read. That was more meaningful to us. Our children's friends also were included if they happened to be here when it was time to read from the Scriptures. We also have daily morning and evening prayers as a family.