What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Stu

I'm a father. I'm also a full-time mature age uni student. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I ride motorbikes and play rugby union. I'm currently studying Medicine at James Cook University. I've had many different jobs over the years ranging from sales rep to nightclub bouncer. I drove trucks interstate, and worked construction. Ultimately though while I've worked hard physically, it's the mental challenge I crave. I'm a father of 5 kids and love it. I'd have 15 if I could! As much as the apprentice humans may drive me crazy with some of the stuff they do, I take my role as a father seriously. I love them and try to guide them the right way. Like Christ guided those he came into contact with - through love and compassionate counsel.

Why I am a Mormon

This question is one which is a long answer. I was born into the church. I never realised what a gift that was though and never wanted to be there as a youth. I left home and subsequently the church at 15 and spent time in a few of her Majesties finer houses for those who follow the wrong path. I realised something was missing in my life around the time I was 28 or 29 but couldn't put a finger on what it was. When I was 30 I was dozing one day in between running a changeover (where you drive 6 hours change trucks and drive home again) and Oprah was on the tv in the room. I distinctly remember the show was on her rewarding people who had given selflessly of themselves and asked nothing in return. It got me thinking - why wasn't I like that? Why was I the kind of person who would only help a "friend" move house if there was a direct pay-off for me? What was so badly lacking in my life that I was a narcissistic scum bag? And the thought popped into my head "Maybe it's church?" My immediate thought following that was "Church? I don't need church." And again the thought came - "Maybe it's church?" I again immediately countered with - "I haven't been to church in 15 or so years. I don't need any church and church certainly doesn't need the likes of me." but it stuck. I emailed a friend of mine who was active the whole time I was absent and his reply of "So you've finally woken up to yourself have you?" kind of reinforced the fact I was missing church in my life. It still took me another 2 months to return to church, but I knew the second I walked in there through the witness of the Holy Ghost that it was indeed what was missing in my life. I am honestly grateful everyday for a loving Heavenly Father who calls his children home through the spirit and through those of his children brave enough to say what needs saying. Even to prodigal children like I was. I know without a shadow of a doubt that heavenly Father loves all of us unconditionally

How I live my faith

I attend church each week. I follow the teachings of the church (which are the teachings of Jesus during his ministry here on earth) and I am happy doing so. I also have regular discussions with my friends about how our religions differ and what we learn each week at our different churches. I love discussing my faith with those from other faiths as I find it cements our friendship.

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

The Word of Wisdom which we talk about is pretty basic. It is about avoiding substances which are addictive or which have the potential to become addictive like tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and illegal or illicit drugs. We are also encouraged to enjoy all food stuffs such as meat, grains, fruit and vegetables in moderation and to look after our bodies. We aren't told to avoid fast food, but a natural progression extending from living the Word of Wisdom would be to enjoy it occasionally as a treat. In return for following these principles we are promised by our Heavenly Father that we shall have great health benefits. I find it compelling that these principles to healthy living were given to Joseph Smith in 1833, long before the health risks of smoking/tobacco use and alcohol were known to science and the health professions. this is another building block of my testimony of the truthfulness of the Church and the gospel Doctrines we are taught. Show more Show less

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

As we strive to become more like Christ, the natural progression of this will be to become more loving and supportive of our families and our fellow man. Marriage is hard, but nothing worthwhile ever came easily. As we strive to implement the gospel principles of faith, repentance, both personal and family prayer, and studying the scriptures both personally and as a family, we will find that our love towards our fellow family members will grow, as will our desire to serve them. When we serve others we place them above our own worldly needs and desires. This is exactly what Christ did for us through his ministry and the atonement. It is also the only way we can truly become as he was. A marriage based upon selfishness will disintegrate. A marriage based upon service and love will thrive. Coupled with faith, a rock solid foundation which can withstand the strongest storms will be forged and lead to a truly happy satisfying loving marriage and family life. Now and throughout eternity. Show more Show less