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Hi I'm Lana

I grew up in a farming family. I studied English and Psychology in college. I love to make people laugh. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love playing the piano. It calms my nerves and makes me feel lovely. I graduated from college wanting to save the world. I hope to do this by helping women realize they all are each a superstar in their own lives. I love to make people laugh. I tend to not feel connected with people unless we've shared some funny moments together, and shared some deep dark secrets. I have 6 brothers, and 1 sister. I have the most amazing family immediate and extended. I love people, even when they drive me nuts. Some would say this makes me soft. I would say this makes me tough as nails, and I think it will benefit my future greatly. I have a desire to run a half marathon, one day I will get this running thing down. I want to become great at the following things: upholstering furniture, refurbishing furniture, photography, running, gardening, cooking, and listening.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a Mormon family. My father left the church after my parents divorced when I was a baby. My stepfather and mother are devout Mormons and raised each of their children as such. About the time all of us hit our teens we questioned everything including our religion. All of us went wayward for a while, and explored our own ideas. I was confused by the idea of a true religion and following prophets for guidelines of life. I knew this church taught great values to live by, and that people would become wholesome good people by doing so. I just didn't "know" that this was what I needed. I spent half of college lost and confused. After several not so lovely relationships, I learned the value of several teachings in our church. As friends chose their paths I would learn from their negative and positive experiences what I truly wanted. After one particular ridiculous relationship ended, I decided to give this Mormon church a full-fledged try. I spent a whole summer reading the scriptures, reading church doctrine, and praying sincerely that if God would show me what I needed to do with my life, I would do it. I had always believed in God's existence, and had never stopped praying. I just needed to know that this religion was right before I would make it my path. After joining a local college ward, and becoming an active churchgoer for a semester of college, I got my answer. My Heavenly Father told me by way of an intense feeling that made me so happy I wanted to laugh with joy, "You are where you belong." I have never forgotten this, and it gives me an amazing feeling of peace to know I belong here, and that my future is somewhat guided by this knowledge. I also return to that memory -- it is still almost as vivid as just after it happened-- whenever I feel lost or confused about life. It gives me an extra strength to keep moving forward whenever I need help. The Lord loves us so much. This is something I know.

How I live my faith

I currently teach a class one Sunday a month in the women's classes (these are one of the hours of our 3 hour Sunday meeting blocks, where the men and women separate). They are on various topics that our church leaders have talked about. It's one of my favorite assignments I've ever been given. I love teaching. It usually ends up filling my spiritual cup probably more than the other women. It's really fun though when the other women have a lot to say during the lessons. They are such wonderful people and often teach me better than I teach them when they share personal experiences, or teachings they know about, or even scripture. I love women, and I love teaching them. A couple of times I've been in charge of all the ward activities, like barbecues, and such. These activities were usually designed to bring us all together as friends. And in the singles wards, activities help to get people to date each other. Who doesn't love being in love!? When I first became active again in college, my bishop asked me to give out name tags every week so he could learn everyone's names. I later figured out that he just gave me something to do to keep me there each week. It worked, even if he denies his motives!!! HAHA! He really was looking out for me. I owe him everything for that.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

When I look at everything I've seen in this world, animal, mineral, plant... I cannot deny that there was a divine hand in all of it. Each part of this earth contributes in one way or another to another part of this earth. Animals are here for food, for human aid, and for companionship. Plants are for oxygen, food, and beauty. People were designed to evolve and help each other. I cannot comprehend the idea that all of this happened spontaneously for no reason. Science explains HOW things happen right now, but they can't officially explain WHY it happened or happens. The simple fact that there is a mineral on this earth that can be altered so my bad vision can have a corrective lens so I am able to see as if my eyes were perfect is proof enough for me. The fact that we feel sorrow for other people, or happiness for others, or even emotions ourselves show me there was a divine creator. Molecules don't just spontaneously form out of an explosion in the universe and cause something as amazing and magnificent as this entire earth, and all it's inhabitants, human and animals included. We can talk to ourselves inside our heads, we can think and feel and decide for ourselves what to do next. We can emulate others or go out on our own. This is not spontaneous, this was all divinely created. I can't deny it. I could go on for days about this, but I can't because it only allows 1500 characters. :) Show more Show less