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Hi I'm Steve Sherman

Born in Germany, grew up in California, lived in Japan, and now live in Indiana with my wife and five children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy my family- wife, three teenage boys and two tween daughters. I enjoy and write/arrange music, and especially love brass music being a trumpet player. I enjoy basketball and volleyball, although I don't get to play very much anymore. I also enjoy computers and technology and do a lot of database/application development. I love nature and photography, and very much enjoy outdoor activities, and enjoy working with my sons, and others, in the Boy Scout program. I enjoy cars and racing, and have spent time doing off-road desert racing in SCORE (Class 1 buggies) although there hasn't been any opportunity to keep doing it living here in Indiana the last 17 years. I read and write Japanese fluently, and work for a Japanese production automation and robotics company.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I grew up in a family that attended the LDS church, it wasn't until late in my teen years that I sincerely tried to find out for myself, and test what I really believed in. There is a world of a gap between merely not disbelieving, and having a sure witness- a knowledge of what is true. I decided to commit to sincere effort to try and bridge that gap. It was life changing for me. Although the process was initially intended on helping me discern the truth of the Church and the Book of Mormon, I first gained a powerful and clear witness that Jesus Christ truly is my Savior. This came through redemptive grace, and although repentance is never an easy thing, by partaking of the atonement I began to feel joy and be happy. In fact, as I continued to learn through the Holy Ghost, a powerful desire grew inside me to share the testimony I had gained of Jesus, of the truthfulness of the Bible and Book of Mormon, and the truth that Joseph Smith was authorized and empowered of a living Christ to restore His Church. Soon I was 21 and set out on a two-year mission to teach the miracle of forgiveness that I had learned for myself to others. In two years of ministering in the Nagoya Japan Mission, I saw many others gain a witness and experience that joy as well. Since that time I have continued to see and feel that power. I am strengthened and taught by the example of others as I continue to attend church and try to serve God by serving others.

How I live my faith

I enjoy reading the scriptures and other books that teach about the gospel or spirituality. I try to follow God's commandments. I pray and try to express gratitude to God for the things I find that He does for me. I still need to get better at finding the many blessings in my life that I don't see or take for granted. One thing about being a Christian and accepting Jesus Christ is a willingness to follow Him. To learn from His example by not just reading about the Master, but by taking up an apprenticeship, a discipleship in His great work. My faith affords me many opportunities to do this, by serving others around me, in my immediate family, in my Church family, and in the Human Family in the community. I learn to minister to others by being assigned to watch over and teach others in the Church in what is called "Home Teaching". I have taught Sunday school to adults and children, worked in the youth ministry, and have had other callings as well shepherding and guiding others in Christ. Although these "callings" of ministering and serving others can be taxing, I am glad my religion requires more of me than just listening to preaching on Sunday. Being stretched helps me to grow and be a better person. Knowing that God intends and has planned for us as families and individuals to live eternally with Him, helps me try harder to be kind and patient and loving to those around me- but I still have a long way to go on that one.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Steve Sherman
As the other Christians I know, I believe the Bible to be the Word of God. It is incredibly important, in that it not only teaches of the covenants God makes with those who follow Him, but it also provides a witness of Jesus Christ-that he was born of a virgin, grew into manhood, performed a ministry healing both the spirit and the body of those around Him, that He took upon Himself the pains and sins of all mankind, that He hung on the cross for us, and most importantly, that He triumphed in all these things and returned to earth a resurrected being. The Bible provides eyewitnesses to these events. Although the Bible doesn't contain every Word ever spoken by the Savior, it contains enough of His teachings, and the words and admonition of the prophets to learn truth from error. Good news indeed! Although the English used in the Bible can sometimes be hard to understand, and sometimes it is hard to understand what the original speakers of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek were trying to convey, it is the Word of God to us. In this day and age of skeptics, where even some Christians do not truly believe in the literal interpretations provided in the Bible, the Book of Mormon adds a powerful second witness to support, not replace, the Bible. The additional witness of the Book of Mormon can help clarify some of the hard to understand wordings and passages in the Bible. God Speaks, and prophets write- this is scripture irrespective of the city, state, continent, or age it happens in. Show more Show less