Amy: Mormon.

Hi I'm Amy

About Me

I have five children. In between caring for their needs I care for my yoga students. I am an actress, musician and writer.

Why I am a Mormon

I learned about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints from my best friend in high school. On my first visit to a Sunday service I was impressed by the reverence towards the sacrament and the emphasis on families. I was raised partly by my grandmother whose example of a Christ-like life inspired me to want to live like the Savior myself. I felt that the church was the place where I could truly learn about the Savior and try to be like him.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

When I read the Book of Mormon for the first time I was newly married and had only been a member of the church for a year. I remember the quiet mornings before going to school when I sat on my bed reading and absorbing the words of Christ. I became closer to Jesus Christ as I learned more of His teachings and of the examples of those who followed Him in Ancient America. I continue to read the Book of Mormon daily and to draw strength from the stories and words of faith.

How I live my faith

Raising children is a challenging endeavor. Each day is different. In the teachings of Jesus Christ and the counsel of our Prophets and Apostles I find the guidance I need to help me be an influence for good in the lives of my family members. As a yoga teacher I do my best to communicate divine qualities. Our physical bodies are the crowning creation of our Father in Heaven, if we care for it with reverence it can be a source of learning and joy.