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Hi I'm Cort

I grew up in Southern California. I'm a father of 4 girls. I'm an Elementary School Principal. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Many of my hobbies revolve around my work, my family and serving in the community. I do love sports, both participating and watching. In particular, college football. I enjoy the outdoors and camping with my family and love the world of study, literature and learning. I have been married for 16 years to my lovely wife. We are able to be a part of our daughter's lives as they are all very active in school, sports, music and church. It is exciting and energizing to guide my kids through life and watch them grow and experience life's opportunities. I have been an elementary school principal the past 8 years. Prior to that I was Assistant Principal and a Teacher. I have a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree and am currently working on my Doctorate Degree. This takes up much of my time and energies. Yet it is a privilege to serve in this capacity and rub shoulders with such great families and students. I see it as a labor of love and because of this service I see the families that make up our great communities in this country. These same families make our states and our nation a better place. It is inspiring to see the light bulb of learning turn on in a student's mind and see the power of education in the lives of individuals.

Why I am a Mormon

There are a lot of reasons why I am a Mormon. First and foremost it is the heritage handed down to me by loving and supporting parents and their parents. It has united our family with a common purpose. Second, my faith is an anchor to my life and my beliefs have become cemented through the short years of my life by my experiences, challenges and by seeing what is happening out in society and in the lives of others. Third, the main reason I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is because I have felt the Spirit touch my mind and my heart because of sincere prayer to God. I have been able to know through faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that there is a Prophet on the earth today with God's authority, as there has been in the past, and that the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Like the Bible, that book has changed my life more than any other book due to its teachings and the inspiration I have felt as I have read it and lived its principles. This assurance only came to me as I decided to independently seek out to know the truth of God's dealings with men for myself. I needed to ratify and know that what my parent's had taught me was indeed the truth, and not just a bunch of jumbled teachings. As I prayed to God as a young man and searched the scriptures for this truth, I was able to discover the purpose of life, where we go after we die and what happened to us before this life. When I say discover, it is hard to say or enumerate. It was as if, on multiple ocassions, my body and soul was overcome with a feeling of happiness, enlightenment and assuredness. In those poignant spiritual moments something was imprinted on my soul to know that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ was found in the Mormon Church. Because of this conviction I served a 2-yr. church service mission to Argentina and I live a modest life in spending my days at the benefit of my wife,children and others. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

My faith guides me in what I do daily, the goals I have for myself and my family and how I treat others in this world. My faith also provides a foundation upon which I make decisions regarding myself, my children, my wife and others. The perspective that I have gained upon knowing the purpose and meaning of life has been quite invaluable and made the watershed moments of my life seem not so difficult. When a fork in the road presents itself, it is very reassuring to know that I am loved by a Heavenly Father and that His Son Jesus Christ has provided a way for me to truly be happy now and after this life. This has made my decisions come clearer. It has also been a bedrock in guiding how I treat others. Regradless of the circumstances I try my best to treat others with respect and a degree of civility. I have been involved in effecting change in education for the past 15 years and in enhancing the local school systems that young people attend. I am a faithful blood donor and have been ever since my father passed away. I also participate in the Boys Scouts organization, College Alumni organizations and am heavily involved in many professional school organizations related to my work. In the church I am able to render a lot of service with my time and talents. This has shown me a happy way to live my life, in the service of others. I consider this a talent and lesson learned from my late father as he lived his life in that manner. Perhaps that is part of the reason why my career has been in the arena of education. These opportunities to serve present themselves daily to me at work. As part of my church service I am a leader as I teach in both formal meetings and in informal settings. One of the particular joys that I have is to work with the 14-15 year old boys in the church and their leaders and to visit and watch over 3 families in our neighborhood.