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Hi I'm Ashley Dixon

I was born and raised in the church and have three sisters. I'm a junior in high school and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the second oldest sibling in my family. My littlest sisters are nine and six. i love my family with all my heart because i know that they will always be there for me when friends can't always help. I enjoy playing sports and hanging out with my friends. I play many musical instruments like the guitar and played the violin and piano when i was little. As a teenager i think that school is at times stressful and hard but i still like it because i see all my friends and seem to learn something new everyday. one of my secret interests is that i like to draw, i find it enjoyable along with sports. After school, most days i have work plus homework. I get overwhelmed some days but tomorrow is always a new day and can start fresh.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the church but that's not the reason i am a mormon. I know that everyone goes through their own trials in life and stuggle with their own personal things, but i have witnessed miracles in my life that i know couldn't happen without God. I'm completely blessed to have the church and my family in my life. My friends sometimes think i'm crazy because i go to church for three hours, and that i don't cuss or how i can be so happy and nice all the time. It's amazes me to think that people even notice that i'm not a person who says bad words or that they think i'm one of the nicest people they've met. How i see it, is that i'm just a girl who loves her life and tries to follow what the Lord asks of us even through my own personal trials. There's always a burning feeling inside of me that has the desire to want to do the right thing. i'm not a perfect person but i do believe that if i didn't listen to those burning feelings inside of me then i wouldn't be who i am today. when i was baptized at nine years old, i made a covenant/promise to the lord that i would remember him always. I try to remember him always by listening to those burning feelings and the holy ghost inside of me to do what i feel is right. I wouldn't change anything in my life because i know that i'm where i'm supposed to be because God put me here for a reason.

How I live my faith

As a teenager in high school, we are asked to participate in a early morning seminary class. What we do there at 6 am is talk about the scriptures and the gospel and how it can relate to our modern day life. It's almost like what we do at church, but every morning before school. I don't necessarily like the morning but when i drive to the church i see the sunrise and it is very peaceful to me. Most days it's hard for me to wake up because i'm a girl for one, and a teenager. I do this everyday because i know that through out the day in school, i will be more awake, alert, ready to learn, and strong when temptation comes to me. Every wednesday, we have certain activities that we do for others and personal progression. we do service activities that range from helping build a playground to baking cookies for someone who has been going through a rough time. Our wednesday activities are for the youth 12-18 years old. this allows us to invite friends and bond with kids our age. On wednesdays we talk about how we personally can progress in the church spiritually. I also go to church every sunday (the only day that i will not work). Sundays are our family days. We do everything together that day. i'm always a happier person after i leave church. something during those three hours make me pumped to go through that week, and i believe that that is the spirit of god inside of me that makes me feel happy. I feel like i could conquer the world's temptations. I try and live what the church and our modern day prophet asks us to do. Certain things are hard for me, but i try my best to do what's right because it's for my benefit.