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Hi I'm Marco

Im Peruviamexicamerican, Im a Student by day and a sleeping student by night, I love my culture and Im a Mormon!

About Me

My name is Marco and im currently studying Film Production and International Business at Utah Valley University hopefully transferring to Hogwarts as soon as i get enough credits. I really enjoy outdoor sports, mountain biking, cycling, rock climbing (even though im afraid of heights o.0) I really love the arts as well, guitar, photography, film, theatre and im a sucker for musicals. and yes i have a sick obsession with soccer, Club Santos, RSL! As for the musical side of me my musical emphasis is on Classical spanish compositions along with Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Romanticos, Baladas, and Tradicional South American Folk, i compose songs and write lyrics/poetry in the most unexpected moments. Im the oldest of 2 crazy brothers, like any regular family we beat each other up as an expression of love. We're rough on each other but we still love each other, its family what can you do? You're stuck with them. I returned serving a wonderful full time spanish mission from Oregon Portland, its the best experience i ever had and i wouldn't trade it for the world. There was never a day that i hadn't thought of my mission and if i have the chance i would do it all over again. I failed to mention that im Half Mexican and Half Peruvian Born in the United States and Polynesian by heart (I think they're amazing people)

Why I am a Mormon

I strive to life my faith day by day by becoming a disciple of christ. I want to set an example of virtue and charity through service, prayer, church attendance and scripture study. I had many trials in my life but i thank the lord for placing them in my path so i could recognize my weaknesses and be strengthen through him. Since High-School i suffered a learning disability "ADHD" which causes me to be hyperactive, distracted, and it impacts a lot with my social, family and education life. I was frustrated with myself. The Gospel of Jesus Christ gave me the peace i needed to get my life in order, in days when i need to think i try to make the time to go to the Lords Temple and clear up my thoughts. Its the only place in the world that i feel im like everyone else, it has felt that my ADHD has gone away. The main reason why im LDS is because of the peace the gospel brings me, My little brother (14yr) went through tougher trials than i could handle myself. With 4 Brain Tumors he holds his testimony strong and have a bright hope for the future. My little brother is a hero in my eyes unlike myself he found his testimony at a very young age. I'm very proud of him to see him kneeling by his bed doing a personal prayer every night, im also proud that he's still happy and joking around with the family even though he has all the reason to be bitter and angry. Theres allot of tribulations in this life, these teachings has helped me relax and find peace in any situation.

How I live my faith

Being a latin american my culture and religion play a huge role in my life and they go along side each other. Growing up in the states i had a hard time finding an identity, i felt unaccepted by Latinos because i didn't feel latino enough (probably because of my light complexion) at the same time i felt unaccepted by Americans because i know very little about their culture. In the church there's a different lifestyle that's a little different than the lifestyles we normally see in Latin America because a great majority of the culture is weaved with the Catholic church. A little before my mission i was in the process of discovering myself and i came to the realization my true heritage is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel its part of my life, and because of that, it defined who i am, a child of God with the devine potential to do anything. With this realization i still hold strong to my Latin Heritage through Music, Art, and Tradition. The Gospel of Jesus Christ didn't take away of who i am, it added more and emphasized the positive traits of my personality and culture. I show my appreciation to the Lord through the gifts he has given me, and by living his gospel.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

After this life we can't take our cars or big screen tv's, we die with knowledge of the gospel and our families. Eternity is a really long time who better to spend it with other than the people you love. Everything we learn and who we become is centered in the home, it is the primary source of knowledge. Growing up my parents have taught me the values i need to have, i was taught how i should treat my future spouse and children so they too can have the blessings of the Lord. As a family we're not perfect but we strive to help each other out keeping our covenants we have made with the lord because we all want to be together for eternity. Show more Show less