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Hi I'm Amanda.

I love a good book on a rainy afternoon. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mother. I spend most of my days up to my elbows in toys, dishes and laundry but I have many other passions too. I love to read good books. I have passed on my love of reading to my 3 year old and many mornings we spend time reading together while my youngest is napping. I love to cook (and eat) and enjoy discovering tastes for new and unique foods. I grew up acting and singing with my mother who is a fantastic soprano and we spent many summers performing in musicals together and with friends. I am the youngest of 4 kids and married to a man who is the youngest of 5 kids so as the "babies" we are discovering how to be grown ups together. We have spent a few years in school and now a few years working together and life is fun. We love to hike, camp, watch movies, go to concerts, adventure in our city and hope to spend a lot of time traveling with our 2 boys in the future. I love math. Weird, right? I love to learn new things and hope to never stop. When I'm home, I love being home. When I'm out, I love being out. I like to run, I love to walk. I like watching shows with my kids, I love to snuggle. I like to shop, I love to create things. Life needs to be balanced and it's something I am always working on.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church. I am grateful that I had this influence in my life and I often took it for granted growing up. My mom is a convert to the church. She joined while she was in college and I am SO grateful for that. Because of her choice to pray and read the book of Mormon, I was blessed to be born into a family that prayed, read scriptures, went to church and most of all, believed in Christ. Our home was a Christ centered home, a truly Christian home. It wasn't always so perfect and magical but we strived to go to church. When I was a teen, I, like most other teens, decided that I wanted to distance myself from anything that I thought was holding me back from having "fun" and "freedom". I though that was the Church. I went on a few years with only half participating in my church activities, prayers, and scripture reading. When I was in my second year of college I felt like something was truly missing in my life. I began to search for true happiness, not ever fading pleasantries. I began to be pulled back to my scriptures that were sitting dusty on my book shelf. As I opened the pages of my old book of Mormon, my heart began to swell and tears sprang to my eyes. Truth was there all along. A road map to true happiness had been sitting in my room all along. Christ is written in those pages and truth. True "freedom" came as my testimony of the gospel came. It wasn't long before I realized my desire to share this gift, this precious gift of life and love with everyone. I served an 18 month mission for the church on Temple Square in Salt Lake City because this gift was too precious to keep to myself. I know Jesus Christ lives. He is my brother, my Savior, your brother, your Savior. He loves us. He died for us. He has a plan for us. He led prophets when He lived on earth and has called a prophet once again to the earth to establish His truth and be His mouth piece. Temples are the House of the Lord and can seal us to our families for all eternity. I love my Savior.

How I live my faith

I live my faith for my family. I strive to teach my children to make good choices, to keep the commandments and to follow the golden rule. I know it sounds old fashioned, but wasn't that a better, more honest time? I struggle reading my scriptures and praying everyday like a lot of people do, but I know the Lord is there and waiting for me when I do get on my knees. My husband and I made the choice early in our marriage to strive to attend church every Sunday. When we are there, we learn of Christ and His teachings. I have the special privilege of leading our congregations primary (an organization for children ages 3-12). I help them learn and apply Christs teachings. There is a special feeling, a special Spirit being surrounded by these innocent little ones whom Christ loves. They are the future and it is a huge responsibility to raise them to be respectful, courteous and Christ loving. In our home, my husband and I teach our children to pray daily, to know whom it is they are praying too and to know that their prayers can and will be answered. We teach our children to live and love the gospel and try to be the best examples we can of this. Family is central to Christ's plan for us and that is where I live my faith, in my family, and then in the world. I am continually growing and hoping to be more than a Sunday only Christian.