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Hi I'm Jared

A nurse by profession, and a musician at heart. I belong to a large family, who sings while travelling to pass time. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I think it's best to start of by saying that I am a very curious guy, and my curiosity has brought me to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the world I live in. I remember looking out in a clear night sky and marvel at the beauty of the stars, and wanted to be an astronomer. As a grade school student, my young mind was caught up with the concepts of arithmetic and mathematics, which made me want to become a math professor. High school days inspired me to become a writer and a poet, thanks to my Literature teacher. I discovered that the most amazing 'thing' in the world is the human body, and so I set out to become a doctor to save lives. With every question that pops into my mind, eagerness to unravel and discover the answers come about. I read books after books, learned from wise teachers and mentors, asked around, experienced and observed things that will satisfy my desire to know. The world is such a wonderful place! To live at such a time as now where information is so conveniently available is amazing. Meeting new people is also most fantastic: sharing experiences broaden my understanding of the world I live in, and made me realize the strength of our individual uniqueness and differences. As long as there are 'teachers' willing to share what they know, I'll forever be their eager student.

Why I am a Mormon

Now, not all of the questions that pop into my mind can readily be provided by merely sitting at a library or watching a documentary. Even as a young child, I often wondered about my own 'place' in this vast world that we live in. Growing up doesn't only mean gaining more knowledge, but sadly so, being more exposed to the harsh realities of life. Nevertheless, I am fortunate that I was born to a Mormon family who instructed me well even when I was young. To know that you are a precious child of God early in my youth is such a blessing, an immediate confidence boost, knowing that I am special. The lessons my parents shared to our family became my guiding light as I face the troubles ahead. At age 10, my father died, leaving behind my widowed mother having to take care of 13 children all by herself. During those times of great loneliness and confusion, our family was enveloped with a comforting reassurance that "families are forever", a basic doctrine that was taught repeatedly at Sunday school in church. When the time came for us to be tried of our beliefs, I'm glad that we were more than prepared. Our family moved on, found courage and strength from one another, with a sure knowledge that above us is a loving Heavenly Father watching and guiding us. Being a member of the restored church--being a Mormon has taught me that there will always be answers to all of my questions in life. For the most part, almost without effort, all I have to do is wait for the right time for me to know them. It is my religion that allowed me to grow and explore my capabilities, with the confidence that I shall be safe and protected along my way. In a world of uncertainties, being a Mormon gave me a sure foundation to shake off all my doubts away.

How I live my faith

In these difficult times of immense peer pressure, I am glad to announce (much to the amusement of the people I work with) that never in my life had I tried smoking, nor tasted a drop of liquor or alcohol. These blessings I credit to my family teaching me sound values at home. I was fully aware that not all growing up teenagers are as lucky as I am to have the gospel as a protection against worldly evils, and so I served a full-time mission for my church when I reached the age of nineteen. It is THE most fulfilling experience I've ever had in my life, to see families feel an increase of love among themselves, to witness a renewal of hope in their lives is the most rewarding opportunity. I am glad that I am fortunate to be always in a position to influence good among other people. I am not ashamed that I am 'clean'. I want others to find courage to stand for what is right, and be proud of it. This church taught me that we are all brothers and sisters of the same Heavenly Father; hence, I feel I have an obligation to help and influence everyone and anyone around me. I may be no superhero, but if it means saving the whole world 'one friend at a time', I'm willing to take on the challenge.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Because our family is the only earthly treasure we can bring with us after this life, not our riches, not our titles or worldly honors--and the restored gospel will help us realize how immensely valuable this 'treasure' is. Show more Show less