What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Breanna

I am a college student, a student leader, and a wife, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I have a Bachelor's in Geography and I am currently in school to receive my Master's in Fire and Emergency Management Administration. I am a member of the Eta Sigma Phi National Latin Honor Society, a former President of the University of Oklahoma Geography and Environmental Sustainability Undergraduate Club, and tutor student athletes in college in Physical Geography and Geology.

Why I am a Mormon

A couple years ago, I was going through a tough time; my fiance had decided to leave me and I was torn to pieces emotionally with no where to turn to. At this time, I was a member of an online Star Wars chat site and, I didn't know at the time, but one of my friends there happened to be LDS. He was a return missionary, and he knew I was falling apart. I was Wiccan at the time, and I felt like, despite some of the beliefs, that I was lost and abandoned; even the coven members had abandoned me when I was dumped, for my ex was good friends with them all. That was when I lost faith in the "old religion" and I wanted to find the truth. I wanted to find God. My friend introduced to be the Church in December 2009. I had ran across the Book of Mormon at home and I read it, asking my friend questions once I realized how much he actually knew. Many things were new to me in the Book of Mormon, but there was plenty I did understand. I took this information in quickly. My friend told me to pray about what I had read, to ask if it was true, and every time I did, I knew. January 5th, 2010, I decided to finally started to have lessons with the Missionaries. That was until my mother found out. She was raised Church of Christ, though I never followed those beliefs. Furious that I was looking into the Church, she started to hand me anti-Mormon books to read and try to change my mind about learning about the Church. I refused to listen and finally, in April 2010, my friend from Utah came and baptized me in Oklahoma. After that, my mother continued to shun the idea of me being Mormon, and she would often poke fun at the idea, though it didn't change my thoughts about it. I came to the Church because I understood it, and I often prayed about if this was the true church, and that burning feeling filled my chest, not letting me sleep until I actually read scriptures, and the more I learned, the more I understood and the more I knew this was where I belonged.

How I live my faith

I am part of the Student organization at school for LDS students. It is fun, and being able to be with students that share the same values as I do is comforting. I show my fellow students in my school department how to have fun without alcohol, and actually be able to remember what happened in the morning. I go to church every Sunday, and I try to help out with all I can in our ward. Visiting teaching is still new to me, despite being a member for over a year, but thats because the Singles Ward was filled of mostly students with overly busy schedules. But, now, within a Family/Married Ward, it is more important for visiting teaching and home teaching, and it is comforting to be able to help my fellow Sisters, even if it is to help them with house work.

Are Mormons Christians?

Christian is defined as "one who professes belief in Jesus as Christ or follows the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus." We are Christian, despite what many other churches says. We are misunderstood by many people because they don't understand what exactly we teach, and it is basically the same thing, except that we also have more scriptures that fill in the gap. We also don't follow the downsides of man as if it is fine to do, such as drinking till you pass out, or killing yourself with smoke, or having sex with anyone that exhibits interest. We want our bodies to be healthy, and our hearts, and bodies, to belong to one, and that being the one that you are married to. Show more Show less

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

For Sunday services, we wear our "Sunday best." For men, this would be suits and ties, or slacks and a button up shirt with a tie, and for women it would be a dress or skirt and shirt with a modest length, neckline, and at least a cap sleeve. Children also dress up for Sunday. One thought to cross my mind as I decide what to wear for Sunday services is "if the Lord came down in the flesh today, is this how I want to look before him?" I would personally want to look my best. Members of the LDS Church celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and events similar to this, as well as regional and national holidays for the areas that they live in. I was asked once if we participated in Halloween once, and I was shocked. Yes, members do celebrate Halloween. We dress up, hand out candy, trick-or-treat, and decorate the house. But our most important holidays are Christmas and Easter. The reason being because these are the most spiritually significant days in history in connection to the birth, suffering, death, and Resurrection of our Savior. Show more Show less