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Hi I'm Sheri

I'm a daughter, sister, wife and mother to 3 children and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love being a mother. My siblings and I were fortunate to have a stay-at-home mom. I always liked that she was there, whenever I needed her, and she always had time for me. I never needed to wait for her to get home from work. I remember thinking that when I got older, I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to stay at home and be a full-time mom to my children. When I was in high school for an English class we wrote a paper telling the teacher what we planned to be doing when we turned 30. I wrote that at 30 I wanted to be a wife and mother. My teacher gave me a poor grade and told me that being a mother "just happens" and I needed to make some plans to have a career. As I thought about that statement, I realized that for me, being a mother was going to be my career. I have been very blessed to be married to a man who made those wishes come true for me. We had many lean years where two incomes would have been helpful, but he allowed me to realize my greatest desire and be a full-time stay-at-home mom. I love music and have taught piano lessons for many years. Music is a big part of our life as all of us play the piano and various other instruments. Every Christmas season we look forward to "caroling" with our little 5 man band. I also enjoy reading, baking, making and hand sewing quilts.

Why I am a Mormon

I was very blessed to be born to great parents who taught me about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. As I grew up I had their rock solid foundation to build upon. I coasted along for awhile, doing what was expected of me, but little by little I began to build my own foundation. It started as a teenager as I learned to recognize the Holy Ghost. It increased as I learned to live the teachings of the gospel. I was beginning to have my own foundation, but it was small. There came a time in college where I had to stand completely on my own faith and testimony. At first, I was very shaky and unsure if I could do it. But, eventually, I realized that I wanted to have my own foundation to stand on so when trials and hardships came my way, I would be prepared to handle them. I wanted to be steadfast and immovable in keeping the commandments, because I was beginning to understand that it was the only way to a happy and fulfilling life. I decided to become completely and totally converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. As my testimony increased I began to understand that as I live by the teachings of my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ, I am blessed and I have the ability to live without the stress that Satan wants to put into our lives. I am not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes, but I continue to wake up each morning and try, yet again, to do better than the day before. Some days I do better, and some days I don't. But I do keep trying. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior, and elder brother, Jesus Christ. I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can be strengthened in times of hardship and be forgiven when we have made mistakes. I know that without His Atonement, I would not have been able to make it through the trials that I have had in my life. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I love going to church each Sunday. It is a great opportunity for me to reflect on the life and example of our Savior, Jesus Christ, his teachings and his promises to us. I know that worshiping each week can help fill our spiritual lamps. I know that when I attend church, I have a much better week. I have less anxiety and contention in my life. I love the spirit that I feel each week in our meetings. I enjoy going early to play the organ for our meetings. I have learned that my service each week can change the tone in the chapel. If I am early and playing appropriate prelude music, the Holy Ghost can be present in the chapel before our meeting starts. On the other hand, if I am late, the spirit in the chapel is not as strong. I also have the opportunity to teach the 7 year old class each Sunday. They are so sweet and have all the right answers. It is great for me to see the beginning of their testimonies as they sing, listen and participate in our various activities. I enjoy learning the teachings of the gospel through their eyes and their experiences.