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Hi I'm Carol

I'm a Mormon convert.

About Me

Hello, I'm a computer buff. I love people. Geneology is fascinating to me. I have been married for 38 years. I have 2 grown sons and one grand child. I am married to a non-member Catholic husband. I joined the church a few years after I got married and my first child was about 6 months old. I love creating leaded stain glass windows, ornaments and none-leaded glass jewelry, beadwork, and painting. I enjoyed, sewing, knitting, and chrocheting, when my hands were able.. I went to college for nursing, then micro-computer specialist. I enjoy learning. I am and always have been facinated by the scriptures.

Why I am a Mormon

I was interested in a variety of religions that came to our house on a regular basis. I attended many differant churches and studied each of their beliefs and made comparisons. But, alot was missing. Like in Genesis 1:26 And god said Let us( us is a plural word) make man in our image (our is a plural word and he says, we look like him)after our likeness. Then after it appears all the creation was done. God states in Genesis 2:5 he tells that all that creation took place before any one was placed on the Earth. That means Adam and Eve existed before the Earth was made. Pre-existense. I called every church in the yellow pages. Finally, When I came to The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints after studing with all the others, I was amazed at the answers I found when reading The Book Of Morman simultaniously with the Bible. It was like a huge light being shined on the mysteries and making sense of them. I felt the spirit tell me these things were true. But I felt I couldn't change my life just because it felt so right. One night I just nelt at my bed side and told the Lord I felt the things I was taught were correct,but quiting smoking 2 packs aday and stop drinking a pot of coffee aday and more changes I am too ashamed to speak of. I told God I could not do it on my own, even though I did believe it. I have to tell you, that night I don't ever remember getting off my knees and going to sleep, but the Lord revealed such a powerful testimony to me and a promise that he would help me do what I thought I couldn't, all I had to do is choose. I'm not giving you the details of the revelations he gave me,, but I can tell you when I woke up in my bed the next morning, I ran to my husband who was sitting in a chair in the frontroom and threw my arms around his neck crying uncontrollably, all I could say is the Lord saved me in sleep. From that date I quit smoking, drinking,,, I was baptized within a week 34 yrs ago. God be with you, too.

How I live my faith

The restored gospel, has restored the priesthood, and thus temples for our eternal salvation, just as surley as the temple curtain was torn when Christ died, it has been mended by his prophets. I have had the privaledge of teaching our youth the gospel, to see their sweet spirits grow in rightousness. I have experianced the joy of working beside my fellow sisters in the church feeding the homeless, Making small quilts for children in battered womens shelters. Being supported by caring members of the church and having the priviledge of doing likewise to those who stand in need. A Christ directed life, is one of love, service, and obedience to Christs teachings. The blessings of the gospel will touch every espect of your life, just as surely as it has blessed mine. These are the last days, he has sent modern day prophets to prepare us for the coming of Christ, that we may rejoice in his love, his plans, and eternity.

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

These are given to us to protect us, both physically and spiritually. To Do List: Eat healthy grains, fruits, vegetables, and eat modist amounts of meat. To excersis, our body and our spirit. It blesses us daily to know that every espect of our life Christ tries to protect us, from harming ourselves and teaches us there is a clear purpose to his laws that can impact us in the short term as well as the long term. Not To Do List: Tobacco, Alcohol, Coffee and Tea, illegal drugs. These rules were give to Joseph Smith by God nearly two centuries before our modern day scientists discovered tobacco causes lung cancer and a host of other medical probems. We learn through obedience to these laws we can gain health, and a closer feeling to our Lord as we struggle to resist these common place temptations. There are many temptations in life to struggle with, these are really just the baby steps we cut our spiritual teeth on.. as we grow stronger we can and do begin to master temptation, with the gift of the holy spirit. The holy spirit can't dwell in an unclean vessell our vessel is the tempel of the Lord (our very body). Just as surely as you make sure your dish is clean before you put the food you eat each and everyday we must keep our bodies clean and pure for the Holy Spirit to dwell in us each and every day. Show more Show less