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Hi I'm Elizabeth

I love family game nights. I'm going to serve the people in the Calgary Canada Mission. I'm a singer, math major and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I grew up in Centerville Ohio and love coming back to visit often. My family gets together often and goes on camping trips and play fun card or board games. One family favorite is Puzzle Races where we race to complete an 100 piece puzzle. Our family also gather at Holidays and sing of our Love for Christ and each other with many wonderful traditions for all times and seasons. I love singing and plan to Minor in vocal performance at Brigham Young University at BYU. I finished my freshman year April 2016 with my Major being Mathematics. I love how learning Mathematics teaches me about the world around me. Often I go on walks and observe how the the stars, plants and animals are wonderful creation of accuracy and creativity. I love to learn from everything around me and everyone as well. I find great joy in talking with God's other spirit children and hearing what they have learned so far on this earth. I am going to serve as a missionary for our church in Calgary Canada for 18 months. I will learn a lot but most importantly, I will be a messenger for Christ to help the people in Calgary Canada come unto him and receive the plan he has given for his followers. I love strengthening others through music. I love learning how the universe works. I love teaching others what I know to help them reach a higher point. I love my family and will miss them as I am gone to Canada. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and every opportunity given me to succeed and develop myself more like him.

Why I am a Mormon

Everyone has their own reason for doing something. Yes, I grew up with the doctrine taught. But I have a reason for sticking with my faith and religion through times of doubt and crisis. It's hard to know something is true without trying it. I have taken steps or leaps and recieved certain evidence of the truth. I went to a church youth camp when I was young called EFY and had an experience confirm my belief that God loves His Children. I'm a Mormon because the doctrines are based off knowing that God loves His Children and knowing that fact makes me feel supported. I don't need to know everything now but He will send me love. Later in my childhood I sat in our hammock thinking about my purpose and desires. I thought about how I wanted joy and how I only felt joy when I did what I knew God wanted me to do. It was then I received a witness that the little rules I follow are more than rules but a part that points me to what God wants me to do. Those commandments, when followed, open the way for more direction. This entire time, I was reading from a book that brought me peace and joy, The Book of Mormon. I did not yet realize that the Book of Mormon was a real story but I recognized the value of my study and learning about Jesus Christ and His teachings. I now know that the Book of Mormon holds the truth. I know that with the Bible and Book of Mormon together, we will come closer to Christ. The Men and Women in the Book of Mormon had real life experiences with God and Jesus Christ and recorded their experiences in learning to follow him. Why not read their experiences and learn what you can do? I am a Mormon because I choose to be. I study to learn. I love to serve. Each day I make choices to follow his path and though I have made so many mistakes, I have made promises with God, my Heavenly Father, to continue on the path He has given me.

How I live my faith

I serve! I have been given so much! Even in times where I feel down, depressed and alone, I know this to be true! But there are so many people who don't have strength given them of the Lord. When I enter a place where I don't know anyone, I seek out one who also looks alone and make a friend. When an activity or party begins to wrap up, I seek to clean up and help the host family finish their job. Because I have been in these peoples' place, I strive to do what I would want done for me. For those where I haven't been in their place before, I pray with all my heart to do what Christ would have me do. He alone perfectly understands and frequently has had me do exactly what they need to receive His love and comfort. I take walks! My mother taught me when I was young that walk are a joyful event. As I'm older, I have found refuge outside in nature and in the times where I can leave the bustle of life and really think about: how I enjoy my life; how i am finding direction, how i am to move forward with the situations before me and how God loves me! I study hard! We were sent to the earth to learn and I love learning! I study the scriptures, or words that God has given to us on earth, for peace, direction and truth and I find that only deep study gives me these gifts. There are so many interests to discover, more than we can in our earth life. I love hearing the passions of other people, they inspire me to reach outside myself and find a new passion of mine. The World is so vast and so intricate filled with specialties and niche areas. I seek learning every day of my life.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

The Lord does not force us to serve him yet He gives us commandments that He wants us to keep by our own free will. Young Men are asked to serve the Lord for two years to fulfill their priesthood responsibilities and Young Women are encouraged to converse with the Lord whether to serve or not. Either way the Lord has said "If ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work." I have a desire to serve the Lord and be the Lords hands and feet helping share the good news and glad tidings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I find so much joy and comfort when I turn to my Loving Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that I will not be a perfect missionary but I know that what I have to offer the Lord and the people I serve is exactly what is needed by them at that time. I am grateful for all the missionaries I know who have taught me how to share my testimony and bear a solemn witness of the Savior and their influence will continue through me. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

I know that the Bible is a gift from God and I delight in the scriptures found inside. However, after the Apostle's died no one was called to watch over the words they wrote and some people changed the words of God to make it more pleasing to the ear and took out some of the best parts of the bible. Though we have not read all the words that have been removed. We believe the Bible is the word of God when it is translated correctly. I know the Bible is Holy Scripture. The Book of Mormon, another book of Holy scripture given to the world, tells the story of the people on the American continent and their journey toward Christ. Jesus Christ appears after His death in Jerusalem to these people and teaches them about His gospel. These people or the Nephites brought a form of the bible containing the teachings of the prophets from Moses to Jeremiah to the Americas and taught their children from its pages. Then during Christ's appearance to the Nephites, Jesus Christ taught the people some of the important doctrines included in the New testament. The Book of Mormon supports the Bible in everyway. It cannot replace the Bible because it teaches about the Bible. Show more Show less