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Hi I'm Deidra

I moved around as a kid...Mostly the South West area of the United States. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am from a family Of 9 and the 8th child. I Grew up and lived in Various States mostly In the South West region Of the United States. I Love Music...Music runs through My Vains....Starting with My Parents to All my siblings... I love so sing in choral music...but Mostly love singing and Listening to my I-pod, MP3's, Cd's or tapes...if you can remember what those were.... where and what their about...I have been influenced by meny bands and meny musical genres, far too meny to name them off...My hobbies include; Singing, Dancing, Painting, Collage making, Sketching, Poetry, Reading Books, Watching Movies,Cooking, Hiking, Camping, Spending time with My Family, Spending Time with Nieces and Nephews, Going to Church, etc.

Why I am a Mormon

I guess the reason why I'm Morman is because. Well, My Family Is religious but they weren't always like that or even currently. But I grew up with Latter day Saint values ever since i could remember...from the times my parents use to drag us out of bed or finding lost church shoes under my bed... they taught Me that church worship was a good thing, that it was on way to know that I am a child of God...plus secretly love the children songs.... you know the ones that get stuck in your head until you start singing them out loud... as I got older that the children songs weren;t going to be the only things that helped me find God... At 8 yrs. old i was Baptized a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. For me It wasn't enought to be baptized or to just live what my parents tell me... I wanted to know for My Self... It wasn't until I started failing classes in elementry school, middleschool, even in High School...English class was my hardest subject... Mostly had a difficult time with Reading books...one day my mom was wondering why i was upset...I told her it was because I have a hard time in school...mostly with english class and finishing an assignment where i read a book and write a paper about what it was about... I know I was slower thatn other kids in reading but also compleating the assignment... that same day My mother challenged me to read two books one a regular book and the other The Book of Morman....and compare which one I liked the most. I did so And Come to love The Book Of Morman...I later on not only liked it but asked in prayer to God it that book was true and accurate...and if what i was reading was something that could help improve my reading but I god really exists... My Prayer was answered....By God...A Hevenly Father .... and He Loves me and that I was Truely his Child...Now I love reading the book of Morman And other books...And Love learning And Expressing my love in other ways like My hobbies...

How I live my faith

I live My Faith...By Just Liveing...Enjoying Life...Enjoying what life has to offer...Especially when I attend church, Teaching and Shareing and Participateing in church classes, Temple Worship, Read the Scriptures(the Book Of Morman, The Holy Bible), Participateing In Church Choir, Giveing service to not only those at church but those around me, and In My community... By liveing the Latterday Saint Stanards. By being the best me as I can...With help from a loveing Heavenly Father.

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

you can talk to me!!! Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

we are regular people in that we have joys and struggles....like everyone else... Show more Show less