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Hi I'm Eni

I am a happy wife, a store assistant, a photographer, and I am a Mormon

About Me

I am a young wife, working in a store, ambitious,and happy. Besides being a store assistant, I love going out with my camera and capture things that sometimes go unnoticed. I also take pictures of my friends in fun situations when we get to spend time together. Another favorite activity is translating. I was born to a Hungarian father and a Romanian mother,so I can speak both languages, and besides those two, I picked up English along the way - working in Florida for a summer, serving a full time mission for the Church, and now living in Preston, England. Translating things between these three languages is a nice challenge that keeps me mentally active and attentive. Being a wife is the best part of my life. I married the most amazing man I know, and it is such a blessing to have somebody so close to share my joys with, and also to have him support me in my decissions, in everything I do. I am a convert to the Church, choosing to become a member after meeting the missionaries, and learning about the gospel, about the restored Church, and about the atonement of Jesus Christ. That decission has shaped my life insuch wonderful ways, and continuing on this path has been a strength and blessing beyond imagination. I wouldn't change my decission for nothing in the world.

Why I am a Mormon

This is a question I always have a hard time answering - not because I don't know the answer, but because the answer is very deep rooted in my heart, something very sacred and special to myself. I will do my best to give a clear, succinct answer. First, a question for you: did you ever yearn to know God, to know if He really existed, and who He was? If yes, then you might understand my search. It wasn't a long search for me because the Lord guided me pretty well. I guess He had a plan for me. I met the missionaries, I had lessons with them, and I learned about God, His Son, His plan - I learned a lot. I did not understand a 10th of the things they told me, but I prayed honestly to know if God truly existed, and I received my answer. I did not see an angel, or God, or some grand vision. I did not hear a voice, and there was no earthquake. What I felt was a unique feeling of peace and assurance that I wasn't alone. I did not doubt my answer that God existed then, and I will never doubt nor deny it. What i felt was what made me continue to study and pray, and finally decide to make a covenant with the Lord to live His way, to follow Him, and serve Him always. I was baptized into His Church, with His authority - and I became a "mormon". Being a "mormon" is my lifestyle now, the best God could have for me.

How I live my faith

Some might think that faith is just a feeling of trust, hope, in a supreme being. Some might think that faith means being part of a church. For me, faith means living - living the way the Lord would have me live. Yes, faith starts with a belief, the belief that there is a God, and that belief makes you act accordingly. And that is what faith is: living according to your believes. How do I live my faith? The best way I know how. I might not know as much as others, but I live what I believe. I pray to the Father constantly, and I rely on Him. I study the words in the scriptures, and the words of the living prophets, to know how to improve myself, how the Lord would have me live. I visit people, and try to be a good friend for them. I do my part in the church the best way I know how. I live my faith by being a part of the society I live in, through service and involvement in local projects. I live my faith by making good choices even when the people around me make poor choices. i live my faith by trying hard to be an honest, reliable, trustworthy person. I live my faith with the strong belief that these things do matter - to those around me, to myself, and to the Lord - even when people don't notice me, or they mock me. In the end, what matters the most, is to do my best to live MY faith - the faith I chose, I nourish, I cherish, and will never forsake.