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Hi I'm Elle

I'm a Mormon. I was born in Canada and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was 36 years old.

About Me

I have 2 grown daughters, 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandaughter. I was a single mom when they were 12 and 13 and never dated until they were grown and on their own. The three of us joined the church in 1977 and have all been married/sealed in the temple. I love temple work and am blessed to be an Ordinance Worker; it gives me so much strength, increases my capacity to love others and wanting to serve others. Because of the work done in the temple I have gained a deeper love and understanding of doing genealogy and feel a stronger bond between my ancestors who have passed on. I was blessed to personally meet most of my grandparents brothers and sisters on my dad's side of the family and to do or have their work done is exciting and makes it even that more important to continue to go as far back as I can to get all my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc information and submitted so we can once again be all together again. Families are the whole meaning of life. It is true when people say that it isn't until after someone in your family dies, that you realize just how very precious they are and how much more you love them; and in some cases realize how you misjudged them.

Why I am a Mormon

When the missionaries tracked me out, I was a single mother with two daughters (12 and 13). I had gone to many different churchs trying to find out which one should I join. One night I prayed that the Lord would help me. I needed the true church so that I could change my life (which wasn't good). The next day the missionaries came to my door. I lived in a 22 storey building with three hallways. We lived on the 20th floor, 2 apts from the end of one of the hallways. The Lord brought them to my door; it was the only apt they went to. As they taught me I could feel the spirit, it was strong and what a peaceful feeling it gave me; I just automatically believed everything they said because the Lord bore witness to my soul. I couldn't seem to get enough information; their visits where too short and when they left that peaceful feeling seemed to follow them out the door. After a few discussions I stopped drinking alcohol even though they hadn't discussed the work of wisdom yet. About a month later they challenged me to give up smoking. They said, "if you give me every cigarette you have in your home we promise, on our faith, that you'll never crave another cigarette. I did as they asked and have never craved another cigarette even though I was smoking two packs a day and tried numerous times to stop. A very large percent of the mormon people I have met are genuine and are striving to live the word of God, the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon. I was a member of the church two years before I read the Book of Mormon right through. I was raised believing in the Bible and the teachings of this church verifies all that is written in both books. Since becoming a Mormon I have read the Old and New Testament straight through plus the Book of Mormon and they are true witnesses of Jesus Christ who lives and is helping all of us to live worthily to return home to him and Heavenly Father, along with our families.

How I live my faith

I was a primary teacher for many years. In one ward the Bishop started me teaching the 8 years old and every year I moved with them to the next class and was therefore able to learn right along with the kids. During the four years we became very close and now they have married in the temple and have families of their own. I was called to be the Spiritual Living Teacher for three years and loved that most of all because it got me to study the scriptures more and I recognized that each lesson was one I really needed in my life. I moved to Idaho to be closer to my daughter and her family and met my husband Keith who was the Gospel Doctrine Teacher. Just before we were married he told me that he knew the gospel but I lived it. Ever since then I have tried to live up to that in all that I do. We had 13 years together before Cancer took him from me and each one was wonderful/difficult/memorable and loving. Keith had 8 living children when we married but only 2 lived with us and another was on his mission. The families blended together and it is good. His first wife and I are friends and work together in trying to help the members of our family and I am included in their celebrations as well. I love working in the temple on a regular basis; it has become a necessity of life to me. I also work on occasion in the cannery that I also find rewarding as you meet so many other members and know you are helping those less fortunate who need assistance from the church. Attending conference in person is also something that lifts my spirits just being able to see the Savior's Prophet and Apostles in person and to feel of their spirit. The Holy Ghost resides with me most of the time and it makes me feel good about myself because then I realize I am living the way Heavenly Father wants me to and I feel contentment and love from many places that life can be a joy, even when you are ill. My struggles have made me a better and stronger person. I believe I grow thru adversity.