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Hi I'm Amara

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to hike with my husband and our German Shepard. My husband and I love spending time together! We love to cook and experiment with different ethnic cusines and snuggle watching Net-flix movies (we especially LOVE Disney/Pixar) and we have an eclectic taste in documentaries. Our fun night outs are usually: The symphony, opera, ballroom dancing, ice skating- and there is usually a nice dining experience everything else is planned around! We love our friends and enjoy doing all of the above with them or having parties and playing apples to apples, taboo etc... I love to sing: religious music, opera, christian rock, oldies, jazz, broadway, classic rock and a bit 'o pop- that is tasteful. Last but certainly not least, I love to do charity work, helping others brings the greatest joy!

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church when I was 26. It was not a convenient decision-to say the least. 99.9% of my family and friends would have been fine had I joined pretty much any other faith or had any other problem (as long as it wasn't destructive to others). A natural born "people-pleaser" personality, it was difficult for me to come to terms with this. Luckily, my kinfolk are not the type to disown and have been kind to me despite their disappointment and I am very grateful! So, the logical question is, if it wasn't convenient for me to join, why did I join? Simple answer: I studied about it, read The Book of Mormon and the Bible, prayed about it and knew to the depth of my soul that this church brought the greatest clarity of truth available to me. That said, I know that if I hadn't experienced it for myself, I wouldn't believe it, so I can't expect you to either! If I had the opportunity to meet with myself prior to my decision to investigate the church (grandfather paradox aside), I would say to my former self "I know how deeply your beliefs conflict towards the church. However, I know we both believe in compassion and empathy. Try taking your "dogs out of the fight" and seek to understand the point of view that makes you irritated and angry. If I told you red is really green, would you be angry? You would probably laugh and say "words words words(Hamlet)." The root of anger(apart from rightful anger with regards to violence) is when something cuts to the core of truth. There is so much that can be gained by listening and learning from others of a different mindset!! When we seek to understand, we gain not only empathy but clarity. It is this view that led me to consider learning about the church(from more than just the antagonists). See "How I Live my Faith" below for the reasons I joined and continue to be an active member.

How I live my faith

Something I have learned from this church is that there is so much to gain from learning from others and from trials. Truth is like a diamond that only becomes clearer and stronger under pressure. The “diamond of life” as I have come to know it, is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience(Chardin). We are spirit children of our Heavenly Father. We chose to come to earth to become diamonds ourselves- to be put under varying degrees of heat and pressure i.e. tested. If we knew what the test was-it wouldn't be a test and the teacher must be quiet during the test. There is light everywhere, however, there are varying degrees of purity i.e. selflessness, humility, kindness, integrity etc. that can capture and refract the light like diamonds. Jesus the Christ is the purest diamond-by far- that I have found. The Book of Mormon and the Bible are the best study guides about him. That said, there are many sources that contain diamonds that I include in my collection that help me to be a better person some days it’s all I can do to focus on breathing and meditating and I can’t even begin to focus on how Jesus ate with the people society rejected! Jesus says in John 17 is a wonderful scripture about his Mission and 1 Corinithians, Sermon on the Mount and Beatitudes are great examples of how he lived his Mission and how we can too! I try to set my focus each day by reading the scriptures and praying. Life becomes less about digging holes and filling them and more alive with the great purpose of helping others as Jesus would and returning to him and Heavenly Father knowing I did my best to love them by loving and helping others, follow Jesus' perfect example and best of all that Jesus reedemed me from that which I simply wasn't able to do. Trials look more like blessings- allowing him to mold me into a diamond!