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Hi I'm Miki

My husband and I are the parents of 8 children and 7 amazing exchange children from around the world. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Each summer our family makes a list of 'THINGS WE WANT TO DO TOGETHER'. Places to travel, books to read together, daytrips and camping, even work projects. Then in September we ask where all the time went. It flew and we only accomplished part of our wish list. We try to be glad for what we DID do together...and are always greatful we made the list. It helps us focus on each other. I love the outdoors but I'm a really inconsistent gardener. It has happened, after months of care and tending, I get sidetracked and there I am trying to rescue dried out tomatoes or beans. It's a good thing plants are often forgiving and resilient, much like small children. Give your time and use it well. They'll literally love you forever. Have you ever wanted to give a hug to the mom whose children are whining? She's talking through her teeth and having a tough time keeping it together? Obviously she's reached her limit and needs a break. I remember days like that, and as someone who wishes she could have a 'do-over' on a few earlier mommy-days, I give a hearty thanks to all the moms who helped me calm down and see things with humor. I'm so greatful to be a member of 'Club Mom'. We have welcomed the children of many moms and dads around the world to our home. We love the influence of the cultures brought home to us by these foreign teens. Each time one returns home a chunk of our hearts go with them. They bless our family by enhancing our perceptions of the world.

Why I am a Mormon

I am the 6th of 7 children in a blended family. My parents joined the church when I was three, their marriage ending in divorce soon afterward. Most families in the congregation where I grew up, were intact. A father and mother working together and raising their children to be happy productive and service oriented. From my childhood perspective, these families had stability. As I grew I watched and learned, making a conscious decision that a loving, intact family would be a part of my future. I was taught from beautiful books of scripture, that each of us is promised blessings as we keep basic priciples of goodness. I learned that our Savior did all that was right and good, giving his life for me and every human child who would ever live. Understanding His purpose and his work...I came to believe the Bible could help me know of His life and teachings on the earth. I've also come to know that our Father has always provided proof through multiple witnesses, as he promised. I have read and understand the Book of Mormon to be yet another witness to the sacred texts, saved and sacrificed for, in the Bible. I love the things I am learning here on earth. I am so greatful for a Heavenly Father who loves me, and His son, our eldest brother, Jesus, who makes up for my many weaknesses. He knows what I can and can't do. Yet with his help, I can do anything. I love the gift of repentance and that it lifts all the petty garbage from my day to day existence. I feel blessed and loved, even during the hard times. My husband and I work hard and continue the struggle to build a loving home and family. Many families we love have been torn apart by influences and situations that simply begin with a difference in opinion or perspective... We sometimes disagree profoundly - but it all comes down to our love for each other and our sincere belief that Christ's teachings and mission are more important to our children and ourselves than any other single influence.

How I live my faith

A friend and I see 3 women from our local congregation each month. We share our busy lives, the projects and work we're involved in, and try to make ourselves available in case of illness or other need. We're basically friends giving each other a break and learning from each others' experiences. I've made great friends and have had the chance to serve individuals and families in my community. Working with others on a community nativity display held each year has become a favorite holiday activity. We arrange hundreds of beautiful nativities from around the world for public viewing. Performances feature musicians from many faiths as the community celebrates this event during the Christmas season. I have been blessed by the spirit of Christ these annual displays bring. Our community offers great variety for those who want to get involved in service. I'm involved in our schools, community 'float' committees, costuming for events, food drives, and moving or cleaning parties. In my previous community I served 4 years on city council and 2 years as county health board chair. I enjoy serving with others who stand for good things. Exchange students are often a part of our family, and have become examples of hardwork and self-discipline. The thought of inviting a long-term houseguest into our home made me nervous at first. But those feelings soon left. I stopped worrying about our imperfections as a family, and began to work and have fun with the kids. We now welcome new children with great anticipation most years. I'm convinced the world's parents are working diligently to raise happy, hopeful children...just like we are! We involve the whole family, including our exchange children, on community service days. We clean, paint, and build, or chop winter wood for those who can't. Service offers, in action, the good things Christ wants for all of us. We truly believe God uses willing individuals as his working hands, and other hands have blessed our lives repeatedly.

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

We're blessed to have Jesus as the ultimate of 'good examples. If He, even though he was without sin, chose to be baptized by John, it must be an important step in the process, No? Spiritually he had no sins to remove through the ordinance. But he promised Father he would do as He had asked him. Model behavior that the world would know what was expected of us all. He became that example and never broke that promise. When I really want my children to understand the importance of something I'm trying to teach them...I show them how it's done. I may not even tell them why I'm doing it initially. I try to model whatever it is they need to learn. Often we end up working together. I persuade by example as I attempt to help them see how learning or acting a certain way will help them. Isn't it wonderful that through baptism we can make covenental promises with Father, to follow his most perfect Son? He understands we are weak and will need to use the gift of repentance in our lives regularly, but that is why he gave it. He wants us to never stop trying to follow Christ and has given us his sacred promise at our baptism, that He will not give up on us either. Father always keeps his promises. Show more Show less